Wacky Forth Races

Not all that busy, but busy considering that the Queen's Baton was coming through Aberfoyle this morning.

From left:

Todd - Pine Cone (4th)

Ross - Brilliant Boat (7th)

Jane - Jelly Bean (last but not least)

Leon - The Haribot (WINNER)

Jordan - Bob (6th)

Evan/Owen - DYY Test - (3rd)

Adam - The Yogurt Float (2nd)

Jenna/Moira - Bobby (5th)

After a bit of rain yesterday the river was back to flowing (rather then almost backwards last week), the race was a tight one and no-one sunk or hot caught in the trees.

Lovely gifts from the kids thank you. Lots of loom bands lately, which are everyone's favourite at the moment :-). Julia, who came to make wands on 21st June made these adorable birds from the loom bands, how clever and Chantelle and Jordan decorated this stone after collecting it during the bat walk last night :-).


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