Bat Walk at Tigh Mor

Malcolm makes an excellent bat don't you think?  After going over the bat's anatomy we all went out in the hope of seeing the lovely Supermoon too, cameras in hand but alas, it clouded over just as we left!  No matter, there were a few bats about and it was a lovely evening.



Hi Malcolm, yes you make a great bat :-) – shame about the midgey bites! Could you send us the picture to post here please? Not sure if the contact form on here lets you attach so it’s Thanks for joining us and being up for a laugh!


I think I look great and very attractive to other bats! I still have the bites on my legs just above the sock line where the midges got in . I should have tucked my trousers in my socke as I usually do when walking.
Also I should not have worn cargo pants as the miges got in at the end of the zip. Just shows How attracive I am. Don’t forget I got a picture of a bat in flight .. a real one!

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