Activities at Cobleland Campsite

We started the day with a rather wet bushcraft walk but the Douglas Fir's offered a welcome shelter and a cup of tea - thanks for the tasty needles!


There was a busy magic wand tent - look at these beauties!

From left: Harry's Hazel, Daisy's Hazel, Gareth's Oak, Michelle's (Harry & Daisy's Mum) Hawthorn, Sophie's Hazel, Seth's Rowan, Aiden's Hazel, Megan's Hazel, Rory's Hazel and another two of Will's mini hazel wands.

The day finished with an even wetter Bat Walk!  It started OK, then the heavens opened which unfortunately meant there weren't many bats, instead loads of toads!  We always like to ensure satisfaction so we lent Georgie and her Mum Susan the bat detector the next night and they found loads of bats. Harry and Daisy joined us for the raft race for free the next day and are welcome to join us on a future bat walk free of charge.  

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