Activities at Cobleland Campsite

Chocolate Hunt

Hurrah, the sun is back!  Andrew, Alexander and James joined us for the Chocolate Hunt.  This week's question theme was the moon as we had a lovely Supermoon on the 12th.  Young James was doing a project at school on this so he came in handy for team conferring!  I learnt a lot too actually :-).

Bushcraft & Survival

Georgie, Lewis and Mum Susan joined us for Bushcraft and we found this lovely slow worm.

Magick Wands

Here are this Thursday's lovely wands;

From left - everyone went for creative Hazel! Lesley's (Campsite manager who finally found time to escape from reception), Kendal's (and her magickal unicorn - Will made Lucky a mini wand too), and Georgie's, complete with a bow.  Lewis and James made a wand too but they were off doing spells before I had a chance to get the camera out!

Wacky Forth Races

Mid-week race.

From left:

Sam & Megan's HMS Red (Joint 4th)

Lewis - Lewis's Pirate Ship With a Flag (2nd)

Georgie - Pirate Ship (3rd)

James - Skipper (Joint 4th)

Andrew - Rocky Road (1st)

Alexander - Skidder (6th)

James - Ripper (7th)

Thanks Megan for getting a rare shot of the start and finish lines!

Dusk Walk

Georgie, Lewis and their Mum and Dad joined us on the Dusk Walk to complete the day, lots of bats this time to make up for last time!  Finally, the highlight of the day was watching three young tawny owls practicing their "keweet" calls and we actually saw them over our heads and in the trees for a bit too - amazing!  Too dark for a photo I'm afraid, you will have to get out in the forest yourselves :-)!

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