Activities at Cobleland Campsite

Darn it, the rain is back but that doesn't stop the fun here at Cobleland!

Chocolate Quest

Jenny and Ella-Grace, also regulars Darah & Jasmine joined us for the chocolate hunt - this weeks quest theme was the Moon.  This is Will's favourite subject and we thought it was fitting as the Supermoon, one of three this year was last week, also its the 45th anniversary of the moon landing.  I learnt something too, I had no idea the first animal in space was a tortoise! Poor thing was actually fired off to the moon to crach into it :-(. I always thought it was a dog then a monkey. 

Magick Wands 

This was a hectic one! But, my magickal helpers helped me out by switching the Harry Potter music to meditation music to help to chill everyone out a bit :-).

Gilbert and Florence's Silver Birch and Hazel wands. Florence's wand had an unusual split in the top which made for an impressive snake design.

Jenny's hazel wand, complete with butterfly, bear and dog energy for extra magick.

The others escaped the tent before I had a chance to photograph them but Ella-Grace went for protective Rowan, and Frankie, Sarah, Darah, Jasmine, Abbie, Lewis and Georgie all went for Hazel.

Bat Walk

It was too wet for the bat walk, but we still went out for half an hour with Jenny and her Dad, Graham as they came on our walk last year and had bought a bat detector to try out. We hunted out a few bats though despite getting wet feet and midgey bites.




Glad she had a lovely time, always a pleasure, see you all soon!


Jenni had a fabulous time. Thank-you so much for all activities and fun. Hope to see you soon.

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