Wacky Forth Races

This Sunday's race was a wacky one again after all the rain.  Miraculously we managed to stop all the rafts from continuing on to Edinburgh at the finish line.  I lost the placings a bit as there were so many what with a few re-racing theirs from previous races and they all came at once but I got 1st and 2nd.

From Bottom:

Borbala & Marton - (Had three names) XYQ4, Wobbly Boat, finally tea bag!

Jasmine - The Magic Rainbow

Frankie - Ultimate Bone Crusher

Sarah - Float Machine

Jenny - HMS Princess

Graham - (Jenny's Dad, who used tea bags for weights) HMS Wren

Kieran - River Monster

Channelle - Speedy Boat (1st)

Peter - Peter's Great Ship

Callum - Jerry

Lewis - Lewis's Pitare Ship with a flag

Georgie - Lego Movie Ship

Darah - Death Mobile (2nd)

Lewis - The Big Dragon Boat

Abbie - A Little Boat


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