Activities at Cobleland Campsite

De ja vous and here we are again, two days later :-).

Chocolate Quest

This time the quest theme was toads and four little toads joined us and did rather well answering questions (especially Nina) about them after finding chocolate tickets in Teapot Wood.  Did you know that toads shed their skin in the summer and actually eat it afterwards!  

Bushcraft & Survival

Lovely to see Harry, Angela and Mum and Dad again this year to see how much they remembered about wild foods.  We did come across this lovely mushroom just outside the campsite.  We think it's a tawny grisette, edible BUT part of the Amanita family which are mostly deadly poisonous so not worth risking! Remember, if in doubt, leave it out!!! You can tell Amanitas from the cup shape vulva at the bottom if the stem.


Magick Wands

From left; Rebecca was back to make a Silver Birch wand, Janet a Hazel, Billy - Willow, Zoe - Hazel, Elliot - Willow and Finley - Willow. Ooh and Will made yet another small wand.

Art & Craft

We had to cancel the Cobleland-Wealth Games unfortunately due to rain so instead some of the kids painted up some arrows for the mileage post at the ranger tent, which will point to where they live once we put them up!


Bat Walk

A great walk for bats as there were lots of midges out after this afternoons rain.  Georgie and her Mum Susan have probably broken a record for the most amount of bat walks in a short period of time coming on no less than four in a row.  Georgie managed to remember a lot of the bat facts so  she might be running them before long :-). Richard made a great bat for the bat and moth game, but the moths were extra fast which meant he went hungry tonight!



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