Wacky Forth Races

It was a busy but slow race today as the wind was blowing those with sails the opposite way of the river flow!  It proved quite emotional for some though, especially for those whose rafts crashed into the trees.  We had a first and second though, so all the rest came third, not last :-). 

Okay then, from left;

Billy - Bilbo

Zoe - The Fairy Boat

Elliot - Valhalla

Toby - Scott

James - The Epic

Jonathan - Awesome

Darah & Jasmine - Birthday Wishes

Georgie - The Fast Boat

Grace - The Bottle Banger

Boyd - The Avenger

George - Creeper (2nd)

Molly - Casandra (1st)

Cara - Milky

Harry - Bob

Charlie - The Coke Boat (last week's champ)

This week's winner - Molly's Casandra, complete with hairy sailors who came floating down the river like a watery fashion parade :-).

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