Activities at Forest Hills

Magick Wands

This weeks mystical wands...

From left: Tyla's Willow, Romy's Silver Birch, Troy's Willow and Anna's Willow.

Face Painting

Anna and Sophie went for the same design, maybe they needed cooling off with the snowflake after all this lovely sunshine!

Bat Walk

Eleven bat hunters joined us tonight and we were lucky enough to watch a Mum leading her baby pup pip' around the grounds in the search of midges - of which there was plenty to choose from :-). They must be good to eat seen as bat's hearts can pump out the equivalent number of beats that would take us humans three hundred years to pump out! These bats can live for 16 years and their hearts can beat up to 600 beats per minute whilst hunting on the wing and just 10 bpm while in their winter torpid states - clever!


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