Activities at Cobleland Campsite

A busy day here, the sun was shining as lots of Commonwealth Games visitors about!

Chocolate Quest

Eleven chocolate hungry kids wanting to learn about nature along the way, all successfully winning the chocolate without too many forfeits! 


Ten budding survivalists this week and for those lucky ones who want to pursue this interest (and if you ask nicely), Will might just make you a bow and arrow.  Harry, Angela, Eilidh and Aiden seem to be really chuffed with theirs!

Cobleland-Wealth Games

It appears most were watching the real thing, but four upcoming athletes were at a loose end so decided to compete. After the following heats: Running, Egg and Spoon, Balance a Bean Bag on Your Head, Welly Throwing, Sack Race, Three Legged, Relay and Tug of War (all with parents), Billy took the Gold medal with 25 points, Robbie the Silver medal with 21 points and joint Bronze with 18 points was Zoe and Elliot. Well done, whoop whoop :-)!

Just for fun, the kids wanted to take on Will for a Tug of War... and then we all joined in until we all got rope burns - ouch!

Magick Wands

From left: Rosie, Robbie, Aiden, Eilidh, Fraser and Olivia, Will all choosing Willow.

Wacky Forth Races

What a line up, here goes, from left:

Rosie - Bird

Robbie - Ocean

Eilidh - The Heart Cracker

Morgane - The Black Pearl

Alison - Dragon

Angela - Flower Power

Billy - Bilbo

Zoe - The Fairy Boat

Elliot - Valhalla

Grace - The Bottle Banger

Boyd - Iron Man II

George - Creeper (1st)

Anne-Fleur & Gilia - Wind Boat

James - The Epic (2nd)

With just two crossing the line again as the wind was going against a slow trickle of water so those with big sails had a disadvantage - but looked nice :-)

Bat Walk

Great number of bat lovers tonight and lots of bats to say hi, we even saw a hedgehog, the first time ever on a night walk in 6 years!

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