Activities at Forest Hills

Bushcraft & Survival

A lovely crowd for Bushcraft today and the sunshine was back out waving hello again :-). Will was obviously feeling pesky as he tricked Alistair when he had just tucked into a juicy bit of wood sorrel later saying that it was deadly poisonous! Obviously wild foods are not to be taken lightly when it comes to identifying them, so here is a picture. The pretty droopy white flower comes out in the spring, but you can eat the green leaves all year.

Wood sorrel is also known as Lady's Sorrel due to the heart shaped leaves, or apple leaf as it tastes like zingy apple skin.  Remember not to eat too much due to the oxalic acid content which by the way can help to clear up athletes foot a treat!  Also said to have been used by Red Indians to help their horses run faster :-). It can also be used to make an old fashioned lemonade drink which is really refreshing. Wood Sorrel is a good indicator of healthy, undisturbed forests and there's lots around here :-).

See the Bushcraft and Resources pages for links to helpful books and more information. 

Bat Walk

Just three on the bat walk tonight, but it is always worthwhile and we met a lovely family from Cornwall.  Shianne especially had great fun hunting for bats...until her feet got wet!

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