Activities at Forest Hills

Magick Wands

I'm loving that the wand sessions are fully booked lately - more magick makers spreading good spells around :-).

Everyone chose hazel for their wands except Erin, who chose willow

From left: Inigo, Toli, Joseph, Erin, Ailsa, Connie, Grace, Amber, Francesca, Georgina, Mia and Joseph. Stella and Josephs Dad's wand wasn't pictured, sorry.

Face Painting

Erin stayed for an Ice-Queen face, then Anna had some party balloons on her arm, Evie a unicorn and Ailsa a butterfly, all very pretty.

Bushcraft & Survival

We survived on this one but alas, the rain was all a bit too much for the bats, so we had to cancel :-(.


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