Activities at Forest Hills

Another busy wand session, I think the silly season has finally caught up with me though as I tried to tell the kids to 'ONLY do naughty or mischievous spells', oops!! I did correct myself, phew, we don't want the spells back-firing three-fold eh!


All chose hazel today, from left: Lydia, Harvey, Beatrice, Jasmine, Nate, Emma, Annabel, Connor, Morgan, Amy and Isla.

Bushcraft & Survival was a successful one for the young fire lighters and there was a lovely crowd of 30 on the bat walk, which means good news for the bats as this can only mean that people are fascinated by them like us :-). Steven the bat was great at using his hand wings to eat up all the midges during the bat and moth game, he didn't know what he was letting himself in for, although Will didn't give him much choice when it came to asking for volunteers!


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