The Wacky Forth Races

It was the third to last raft race and it was a busy one with thirteen raft designers hoping to claim the winner's prize.  We haven't had much rain at all lately so it was a slow race (which meant I actually had time to record the winning order) and a couple of Dad's and Jenni had to help some of the rafts along as they kept stopping for a rest on the river's edge.

From left:

Darah - Birthday Wishes (Winner)

Adam - The Hoy (10th)

Sophie & Lauren - Molly (12th)

Liam - The Corries (6th)

Jenni & Jasmine - HMS Princess (7th)

Rachel - Fairy Friends (9th)

Connor - The Nine (3rd)

Nathan - Summer Solstice (4th)

Emily & Cian - The Cobbly Wobbly (8th)

Madeline - Magic (2nd)

Milly - Rosie (raced for fun - it was a Robertson's bottle)

Molly - Dumb (13th)

Samuel - Tessa's Boat (11th)

Cambell & Morgan - Bob (5th)

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