Slow Worm Alert!

Wow, I've not seen one of these in a while - not since my Mum's garden rockery. 

Slow worm  Slow worm at steps

I was on my way to clean the shower block and...... hello! 

A legless lizard (being able to blink and shed it's tail) they hibernate and can live up to about 20 years - this one was pretty big! Upon looking upon The Wildlife Trust's Pages

Did you know?

The mating season for slow worms kicks off in May and males become aggressive towards each other. During courtship, the male takes hold of the female by biting her head or neck, and they intertwine their bodies. Courtship may last for as long as 10 hours! Females incubate the eggs internally, 'giving birth' to an average of eight young in summer.

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