The Adventures of Mr Sustainable Potato Head

Since receiving our potato gift from our friends at The Sustainability Centre, we have been sharing some of adventures together.

What's the story in Balamory?

"Mr Sustainable potato head is feeling a tad hot under his skin. "Oooh yes Nix, but I'm feeling a little anxious as we're so near the chippy, I don't want to loose my skin and become a fish supper!"

Mr Potato at Tobermory

"Well, it was a bit blustery yesterday, so while James was cleaning swimming pools, Nix took me safely in her rucksac for a nice forest walk to see a wee waterfall and introduce me to some mountains, much larger than my native hills in the South Downs. We passed common and bell heather, rosebay willowherb and a lively young spikey but very soft larch tree. We could see the ferry on the choppy waters from up there and then a couple of big scary black dogs. Both were thankfully friendly upon arrival. One was fixated on 'walkies' the other wanted just a quick sniff, luckily he wasn't hungry for mash potato. After our walk we visited the local Spar and postie for some non potato snacks and we chose a great walking guide book for further adventures. I'm looking forward to meeting an otter! The rest of the day I enjoyed chillin' with frog while Nix went to work. "

Spud at Waterfall Spud with Yoga frog

Calgary Bay - Mr Sustainable Potato grows finds some hair!

Spud at Calgary 

Study time while Nix leans her new job

Spud Study 

Not to be 'pomme de terre-d' by the forte pluie, 🌧️ Mr Sustainable potato head needed to venture outside after holding Savasana (corpse pose) on the yoga mat for a whole day....
"Yes, Nix thankfully took me to the faerie trail play ground but I was far too big for both the see- saw and slide and I couldn't get my big fat head through any of the faerie doors. I was more suited and welcomed to the faerie castle though 🏰. We also rescued the sea from some mysterious cushions that were washing inshore before the midges started to nibble at our heads. It was all worth the discomfort to be greated by a huge rainbow upon returning to the hotel."
Spud Yoga Mat Spud Faerie Trail Spud Faerie Castle
Aros waterfalls and mossy woodlands, towards Tobermory with Mr Sustainable Potato Head. 😍 What a rush of water sprite energy! 🧚‍♂️✨
Spud at Aros waterfalls Spud at top waterfall Aros
"I'm on the hunt for a sweet potato companion. I'm finding it hard to find one with some sexy curves, or even just some eyes! I even risked all and ventured near the cliff edge to look, but only found a seagull having dinner on a rock far below. I did find a herd of friendly hairy cows though and the clouds and silence proved most peaceful. I will continue my quest for my soil mate.... "
Spud on the hunt
"I have found my sweet soil mate! Look at how her curves fit to mine 💖 I can't find her face to gaze at or kiss yet, in the meantime I'm very happy snuggling up like peas and carrots....🥰"
Spud meets soil mate


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