Artwork in Pencil

Growing up, I often had a sketch on the go.  I liked to draw woodland scenes and creatures and Elementals, particularly faeries.  I loved watching the smurfs on TV and I have still kept a drawing on a toadstool that they lived in.  It's quite interesting watching my journey and how it has come back around to enjoying the magickal and spiritual interpretations in nature. 

Here is my pencil work in chronological order;

Sue Ryder

A sketch for a colleague Wendy, whilst I worked in Sue Ryder, Hayling Island. Her husband wanted a drawing of an old faded photograph so it was quite hard to detail and get right - ish!

Winnie the Pooh card & four leaf clover

Winnie the Pooh sketch for a card with a real four leaf clover that I found

Poppy in pencil Dudley in pencil

Poppy and Dudley, pet portraits in pencil for my friend Charlotte. 

Cracker Jack

Cracker & Jack, my first pet portraits for my friend Kerrie. I attempted to highlight their characters by drawing them at play, alert and asleep!

GCSE Exam Fancy Dress Party

Fancy Dress Party - GCSE Exam, Pencil A1

I have no-idea what the brief was, but I enjoyed drawing the different characters. My art teacher said it was quite surreal.  Looking back, it includes eras that I have a particular interest in now. King Arthur, Romance dresses, Shamanism and the Aztecs. I have since learned a bit of ballroom dancing too. Rooms with a round edge a so much nicer than square ones, especially if full of character. Study pieces below;

Mexican in pencil GCSE Exam Study

GCSE Wedding

GCSE study - boy GCSE Wedding Study

Wedding Scene for GCSE - Pencil, A1

I remember using various scenes to create this one.  I especially remember having trouble drawing the man's foot who sits under the tree.  Interestingly, I didn't realise it then, but for a long time, if I marry, I would like for the ceremony to be under a tree.

GCSE Dragon

Dragon for GCSE - Pencil, A1

I used various chinese pieces for inspiration, even chopstick artwork. I remember my Auntie & Uncle taking me out for my first chinese meal in Gloucester while I was there for some work experience in their Graphic Design studio.

GCSE Faerie Waterfall

Faerie Waterfall for GCSE - Pencil, A1

Studies below;

GCSE faerie study GCSE Faerie study sheet