Mandala Sales & Orders

Mandalas are beautiful pieces of art.  The Mandala is Sanskrit for 'circle' and also for 'completion' and has a long history.  It is recognised for its deep spiritual meaning and representation of wholeness. Many people find that observing creating and colouring a mandala to be meditative and therapeutic.  Many different symbols can be used, whether it be with pencil, paint or natural materials.

Hawthorn Mandalas - Prints for Sale

I was invited by the Sustainability Centre to gift some artwork for the new Eco Lodge B&B project.  Each of the rooms are named after native trees and we wanted to include the wisdom and folklore behind each tree, so of course, I couldn't resist the challenge. I chose the hawthorn room, especially as this tree is also known as the faerie tree!

These are mandalas so can be meditated upon and I used Theban Script to help bring in the ancient folklore and wisdom from the tree.

Hawthorn May Tree Mandala

Prints 30 x 30cm £10 for collection or plus P&P

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This Mandala is inspired by mayppole dancing, the may blossom that is worn by the female maidens who weave in and out of the males dancing in the opposite direction holding ribbons during this festival on the first of May.  The Theban Script reads 'May tree, month of the White Goddess and fertility'.  The hawthorn berries around the edge which fruit in late summer are edible, as are the leaves and were traditionally eaten together and nicknamed 'Bread and Cheese', a popular hedgerow harvest especially at times of war.  The leaves are best eaten in the spring though and taste great in a cheese sandwich.

Hawthorn Maytree Mandala

Hawthorn Handfasting Mandala

Prints 30 x 30cm £10 for collection or plus P&P

Please order using the Contact Form whilst my online shop is being created, thank you.

This mandala is inspired by the handfasting tradition during a wedding ceremony, two souls join as one supporting each other on their ascension journey ahead.  The Theban Script reads 'Ask the Fair Folk for permission first please, Namaste'.  Hawthorn is sacred to the elemental realm and can be used for medicinal uses, including for balancing blood pressure.  It is said that the blossom is highly erotic to men! By asking permission you are showing compassion and gratitude to the natural and spiritual world, my light honours the light in you _/\_.

Hawthorn Handfasting Mandala

Personalised Mandala Orders

Mandalas are wonderful tools to meditate with and to connect deeper with your higher self - your perfected self that we are all on the journey to remembering. Our journey of reclaiming back our power, coming back to living and representing our true divine selves on Earth in in human form - growing with compassion and gratitude along the way and remembering our connectedness with all. 

You can order a personal mandala to reflect you and your interests, using sun and moon signs and other chosen symbolism.  Enter a contact form to enquire and to discuss details and prices.

Personalised Mandala

Mandala for Lesley - Oil on Canvas

This was a 50th Birthday gift to my friend Lesley.  It details her birth date, Sun and Moon signs, tree folklore and symbolism, text in theban script and a labyrinth for meditation, helping to connect to the pure divine template of self. Lesley said that this really helped her especially through challenging times.

Kerrie Mandala

Mandala for Kerrie - Pen on paper as a card gift

JW Mandala

Mandala for Jonathan - Pen on paper as a card gift