Artwork on Fabric

While I was working in the New Forest (traditionally known as new hunting ground), my Mum and I visited an art afternoon in Brockenhurst. I had often wanted to try silk painting and it was especially nice to a have shared this creative time with my Mum. My Mum was really good at drawing and I felt that she didn't often give herself this much important creative time. 

Hollands Wood on silk

Hollands Wood on silk

This was freehand and tricky using the gutta tubes for the linework - hence the rather large woodpecker! I remember the sound of these laughing green woodpackers and the 'peewit' of the lapwings on the heath. I was also lucky enough to see a wild pony give birth on the root balled heath opposite the campsite.

Mum's Mermaid

Mum's Mermaid on silk

I was pleasantly surprised when Mum chose the mermaid template. She didn't particularly like it, putting herself down, but I love the olive and burgundy together and her subtle touch.