Pastels & Conte

 My Drawings and Pastels over the years, most recent at the top!

I often also like to work with pastels for Pet Portraits

Energy at Duddo Stone Circle
Energy at Duddo Stone Circle, Northumberland. My friend Ashana and I performed some Earth healing work (after asking permission of course) and this was my experience working with the energies there, including a galactic faerie portal.
Moon Goddess 
Copied from an image on Social Media, I do not know the original artist, but I liked it and experimented after a huge gap in being creative. It was before I realised that pastels came in pencil form in addition to sticks so the fingers are less detailed and banana-like! Her energy reminds  me of  the Egyptian Goddess Isis.
Nude Commission

This piece was a commission whilst I was working in an art shop. A gentleman came in asking for an artist for a gift to his Mum, a picture from her youth.

Mans Rips the Land

This was my art degree piece about 5ft long. A landscape detailing a magnified male and female sex hormone. I was interested in how 'man' was ripping up the natural land, the soft feminine.

Pastel conker
One of my favourite A level pieces, an A1 pastel of a conker