Pyrography on Wood

Since creating the Magick Wand sessions during my Ranger activity sessions, I have loved word burning or pyrography.  It takes a little while to get used to holding the burning implement higher up, but before long it is much the same as drawing, except much slower.  It is lovely to work with the natural lines in the wood or add colour if it seems right.


Expect Magick Violin Coaster

Rosemary Coaster Friend of the Fae Coaster

James coaster Emma coaster

Lesley & Grole discs Sarah & Colin discs

Trewan Hall discs
Wooden Discs for Hanging

Treatment Fire Disc Treatment water disc

Treatment Air disc Treatment Earth disc

Medicine Buddha disc Therapy Faerie disc

Elemental Hospital discs Mum disc

Just Wood!

Bill birdbox 

Tent faerie on wood Tent closed on wood


Nix's Seal