The beauty of a bluebell wood is almost impossible to describe, you just have to get out there and experience it for yourself!  Seen a white bluebell?


Amazing Bluebells
  • It takes five years for a bluebell seed to develop into a bulb!


Nope, this is posoinous!

Medicinal and other uses
  • The bulb has been used for a starchy glue and for Elizabethan collars or 'roughs'
  • Archers used the sap to fletch their arrows
  • Yields a red dye

Magic & Folklore
  • Local names; granfer griggles, wild hyacinth, Scots - craw-taes, gowk's hose (cuckoo's socks), Gaelic - brog na cubhaig (cuckoo shoe)
  • Unlucky to bring in the house in west of England
  • Bluebell faeries are said to use the flower heads for their hats
  • Bluebells ringing can only be heard by the fae, if humans hear them it is said that you will either be whisked away into the faeries realms, or worse meet your death!