The Search for the Elves' Cure - Back Page

Back Page Woodland

We always envisioned a woodland path for the back page, enticing the reader in to come in to the magickal adventure.

This was based on a photograph that I took whilst I lived in Aberfoyle, Scotland.  Painting it took two hours.

Backpage Wood

There are two orbs, one at the foreground the other further down the path and higher up.  In the actual photograph, they appear electric blue.  I used to walk Daisy Dogsmucker through here every day, especially enjoying the bluebell woods when it was the right season, and turning left and up the hill after entering the tunnel towards a lovely holly tree, Daisy would act full of energy and joy - every time, no matter whether we were coming from above or below.  A faerie portal of joy I reckon!  We were very near Doon Hill, rich in faerie folklore.

Cobleland Campsite, Aberfoyle Daisy Dogsmucker

Elves Cure Seal