How Wands are Made

For those that have bought a wand and are not able to attend a wand making session, here is some information that is covered to help you to understand and appreciate how your magick wand works. This might also prove helpful if children are doing a show and tell at school for instance.

"Elf Druid" by kadricemiloglu

  • Years ago magical people called Druids used the trees and magic wands to help people to be happy, healthy and safe.
  • They would chose a tree and ask the tree spirit known as a Dryad if it was alright to make a magic wand from its wood.
  • If it felt ok, a twig was selected and the tree was thanked wholeheartedly for it’s help, wisdom and knowledge and for this tree magic to continue to help the new owner of the wand.
  • It is common to have the wand cut the same size as the length between your elbow to the top of your finger, but any length will work.
  • The wand was then carved, smoothed and decorated with magic symbols which would help with magic spells.
  • The Druids were very secretive sharing their knowledge only through storytelling rather than writing things down. They did however write down magic symbols for each of their magic trees known as the Ogham Tree Alphabet (pronounced ‘owe-am’), which look like vertical and horizontal notches in the wood. The Druids are said to have worked with elven magic as the Elves are elemental guardians of the trees.
  • You might like to find out which magic tree is linked to your birth sign on the Tree Lore page.
  • Some people add crystals, drawings or varnish their wands but once the wand is finished it is important to keep the wand clean and charged with magic energy – See the Spell Making page for how to do this and how to make spells. For instance, there are some important rules to follow: only make good spells as bad spells will backfire on you three times worse!
  • Remember that your wand is not a weapon! It amplifies or makes your own magic stronger. You can use your wand to protect against negative or naughty spells though. To find out more have a look at the website or join Nix in Nature on a wand making session!

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"Tree of Life" by Jen Delyth