How To Make A Magick Wand

If you can't join me on a Magick Wand session remember that you don't need to spend a lot of money on a wand, unless you want to of course. I believe that magick is accessible to us all no matter our income. The more magick makers out there the better. If we work on manifesting and creating healing, growth and positive outcomes we will also be benefiting those around us and Mother Earth. Positive intentions are said to return to us at least three-fold!

I love making my own wands as it means you can have fun with your creativity and decorate it exactly how you want it.  Colours, symbols and magickal beings can all help you with your spell making.  Here are the basics in making your own wand, kids, you will have to ask an adult to help you with cutting and any carving;

  • Find a tree that you would like to make a magick wand from.  Always ask the tree spirit, known as a Dryad for permission as this will ensure that the magick from the tree will help you in your magick.  You can either find a wand beneath it, or carefully cut a twig from the tree.  Sometimes the tree spirit will drop you a twig to make your wand from :-).
  • Decide on the length of your wand and cut it to size.  Traditionally a wand measures the length of your elbow to the top of your outstretched fingers.  This is a guideline though, you can have it shorter or longer, or you might still be physically growing.
  • Have a feel of your wand and decide on which end the handle will be, usually the thickest.  
  • Trim any bark carefully with a knife to reveal the light coloured wood.  I like to cut the bark down to the handle, keeping the bark on as the handle, but it's up to you.
  • Add any symbols or text on the wand.  I always put the Druid Ogham symbol on the wand, depending on which tree the wand has come from.  You can then add other symbols, like the protective pentagram - the five pointed star, or the names or images of magickal helpers such as totem animals, faeries, angels, dragons or magickal dieties such as Merlin.  You can also add your name or initials.  I like to use the Theban Script or Runic alphabets, to bring more magick into the wand. For ideas on which symbols to use this website about symbols will provide you with a wide choice. It's really nice to burn the symbols into your wand with a pyrography pen.
  • You can now decorate the wand further.  It is traditional to use the symbol of the spiral on the wand so ribbons are great for this.  I find a hot glue gun is easier to do this and remember there is magick in colours too.  There are no limits to your creativity, for instance you can add feathers, crystals and you can also wax or varnish your wand.
  • Finally you need to consecrate your wand before you use it! This means to energetically clean it, to create a personal connection with the wand and yourself and to set the intention for any magick and spells to only be for the highest good of all. There are a number of ways to do this:
    • energetically clean the wand either by burying it in the earth or salt, or you can hold the wand and visualise a pure white light through and around it. Reiki practitioners can use Reiki symbols to do this too, and/or you can leave it in the light of a full moon (moon bath). If you have ordered a personalised wand from me I will have used Reiki (Universal Energy) to clean and charge the wand to be used for the highest good and again thanking the tree spirit. I always give my wands and magickal tools/crystals a moon bath every month as well, keeping them charged with the current moon energy too, so I always advise this for new magick makers.
    • Make a connection with your wand by holding it and mentally or verbally thanking the wand and anyone responsible for this wand now being in your possession, also for the magick it can bring into your life and others. Program or command the wand to only be used for good spells benefiting everyone. You can look up incantations or charms to add to this reflecting your own beliefs and interests but do whatever feels right for you.
Here are some examples of wands made during one of the Magick Wand Sessions.

You are now ready use your wand for magick, see How to Make Your Own Spells so that you can start creating your own magick, also Some Traditional Spells to try and to give you some ideas.

Have a look at How Wands are Made too to deepen your understanding of the magick behind wands, including Druid and elven magick!

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