How To Make Your Own Spells

Once you have made a Magick Wand, here's how to use it

  • Your wand is an extension of yourself, or a tool to help you to access your own magickal abilities. This is enhanced by the magickal symbols and colours that you have chosen to decorate on it.
  • Remember - make only good spells, naughty spells will back-fire on you three fold! If you think, speak and do nice things, you will experience nice things.
  • Protect yourself against negativity and bad spells by believing in yourself and imagining that you are in a pure white magickal bubble of light. You can add extra protection shields if and when you feel you need it, like spinning mirrors or an invisibility cloak.
  • Keep your wand and magickal tools clean and energised by giving them a moon bath. Leave them in the light of a full moon either outside or on the windowsill. You can clean crystals or make Moon water this way too.
  • Spells can be made anytime but the Full Moon and New Moon are especially powerful times. Drinking your Moon water will help your magick.
  • Once you decide on the type of spell you want to make, prepare yourself by imagining yourself in your bubble of light and grounding yourself by imagining tree roots growing out of your feet and deep into the earth. You could ask magickal beings of light to come and help you if you like, such as faeries, angels, dragons or magickal deities. Next imagine magick energy/light entering your head from above, through your body and deep down into the earth, back up to you and out of your wand surrounding the image of the spell you are creating. Just like making a wish, imagine the spell coming true, the more details the better. You could also write a poem or sing about the spell, repeating it a few times too to add extra magickal energy.
  • After the spell, thank any magickal helpers and ground yourself again with your tree roots deep into the earth and have a drink of water so that you don’t feel dizzy. A nice piece of home baked goods might go down well too :-).
  • Trust that your spell will work in good time, you can't determine when the spell will work, it is up to the magick of the Universe now. Spells have to be for the good of all too, so remember that you cannot interfere with free will, or force somebody to do something (it might backfire). Keep an open mind too as your spell might evolve slightly differently to what you expected, for the better!

Love and light spell-makers, blessed be

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