Traditional Spells

Here are some of the traditional spells that I tell those who do the Magick Wand Session.  Don't forget that you can learn more about using magick in books or on the Internet, but it's also good to make up your own spells.  See How to Make Your Own Spells once you have decided on your spell. 

To Capture a Love Spell 

Gather strips on birch on the new moon.  With red ink write; 

“Bring me true love”

Burn this along with incense saying;

“Goddess of love, God of desire, bring to me sweet passion’s fire”

Cast the bark into flowing water saying;

“Message of love, I set you free, to capture a love and return to me”

REMEMBER - Do not specify a person as this violates the rule – if a love is to come to you, it must be of that persons free will!

See Your Future Husband

On Halloween, look into the glass

Your future husband’s face will pass

Protection for your children

Crush fennel in a mortar and pestle and sprinkle it in their shoes.

Protected they will be without even knowing it!

To help your child after a nightmare

Get your child a stuffed animal.  If your child has a bad nightmare, tell him or her to hold this stuffed animal and visualise the toy as a real animal that will protect against that which has scared your child during the nightmare.

To make a business fruitful

Behind your business door always have a bowl of sesame seeds, and on top of them sprinkle a little bit of gold dust powder.

To have money in your purse or wallet

Sprinkle nutmeg between the notes and it will just multiply them evenly.

To win the lottery

Put it out there that you want to win the lottery jackpot.  Mix together ginger, nutmeg and sage.  Sprinkle the mixture on top of the lottery ticket and put your ticket high up, in a safe place, until the night of the drawing.  Do this every time you dream about winning.

For a night on the town

Before you go out on the town, sprinkle cinnamon inside your shoes.  They will take you where the fun is and to the people you want to meet.

To keep uninvited guests away

Behind your front door, always have a large head of garlic.  Anyone who wants to come in without an invitation will think twice before crossing the threshold.

To thwart your enemy

On a piece of paper, write the name of the person who has been causing you harm. Place it inside a bottle, three quarters fill it with water, put the lid on and place the bottle in the freezer to 'freeze' out the negative energy protecting your positive energy. If you are in a rush though you can write their name on a piece of toilet roll, then flush the toilet paper down the toilet and whatever your enemy was doing will stop.  Now, if you want to be more creative with the toilet tissue, be my guest!

Wart Curing Spell

Cut an apple into three pieces and rub the cut side onto the wart saying;

“Out warts, into apple”

Bury the apple and as it decomposes the wart will disappear

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