Reiki - Common Questions

What is it?

Reiki is a Japanese word translating as universal energy. Reiki is a non-invasive, natural complementary therapy.

Why might I want to experience this?

This beautiful energy can be used to promote balance and health, physically, emotionally and mentally, working to clear any blocks (a bit like acupuncture). So whether you have an illness, injury, issue, or would just like to relax or feel energised, the energy will go to where it is needed most. It helps your body’s natural and amazing ability to heal itself.

Who is it suitable for?

Reiki is beneficial for anyone of any age. It will also work alongside any treatment or medication that you may already be having, helping to lessen the side effects of conventional medicine.

What happens?

You remain fully clothed and relax either on a bed or chair, whichever is most comfortable.  The practitioner will place her hands on a number of positions on your body (or just above if you prefer). Then you just relax and enjoy whilst listening to relaxing music. The session usually lasts for about an hour.

How will I feel?

Each session is individual and personal. If you are sensitive to energy you may experience it as warmth/heat, tingling, or colours. You may experience clarity of thought, an emotional release, or simply just deep relaxation and perhaps even falling asleep! It will work to help you to feel in harmony and balance.