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Activities at Cobleland Campsite

Wooden Pendants

The weather is just fabulous which means lots of happy campers enjoying the trees and the fresh air.  After the chocolate Quest we decided to get crafty and here are some lovely pendants the kids came up with.

Jasmine's neclis :-)

Darah's butterfly design, a sea shell was added later.

Lauren's glitterball of a pendant resulted in Will looking like he was ready for an episode of Strictly!

Sophie's ruby encrusted butterfly.

Will can't sit still for long so he came up with this crab face :-).

Magick Wands

Jenni was back this weekend again to add another wand to her collection, also a few lads wanting to know how to do some spells to their Dad's.  I had to inform them that they couldn't use them for mischievous spells though, which includes turning a Dad into a frog!

From left: Max's Oak, Alfie's Oak, Jenni's Hazel, Sam's Oak, Harry's Oak and Samuel's Hazel. Connor made a Hazel wand but suddenly rushed off during spell teaching, obviously couldn't wait to get to work!

Bat Walk

Lovely to see so many people interested in bats and coming along to the bat walk. We had lots of sorprano pipistrelle's showing off their acro'bat'ic abilities above our heads in the trees. We also had some owls screeching on our way back to camp. 

We later heard the Miller family were having fun when they got back to camp with an Egyptian story that I mention when I talk about owls. It is said that if a Pharaoh took a dislike to someone they would send them a picture of an owl in the post.  If you were unlucky enough to receive the owl picture it was expected of you to take your own life and the owl would then be your guide to the otherworld! I think everyone was getting the owl card then :-).

Magick Wands at Cobleland

Lovely magickal session in the Ranger's Tent, hiding away from all the midges. In addition to these wands, Amy made a lovely pink Rowan wand and Molly a Hazel.


Euan's magickal Hawthorn wand complete with a moose as a power animal.

Lokhlan's Hazel wand with 'Parcel Tongue' burnt into the wand. Lokhlan made a lovely holder for his wand too, although he lost it temporarily whilst finishing off his raft for the race.  Not to worry though, I did a spell to find it and back it came :-)

Lokhlan's Mum, Louise made this lovely coloured Rowan wand, a great wand for protection in addition to the protecting symbol of the pentagram too.  Wishing you happy coincidences to ensue :-)