Paintings in Acrylic

I started using acrylic paint at College for my A levels. I like how you can create texture with layers or using palette knives, also that you can go over dark colours with white when dry. I often enjoy mixing colours on the actual canvas.  If working on a larger scale it can be frustrating that is dries quickly, but the use of a stay wet palette always helps.

Here is my journey with acrylics to date;

Ramson Maiden in Acrylic

Ramson Maiden, Acrylic on canvas, 20cm x 60cm x 7.7cm deep box canvas

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This piece above was painted following the 13 watercolours that I illustrated for each of the chapters in the book, The Search for the Elves' Cure, written by Sarah Hillyer the Herbalist. In the story, the Spirit of the Ramsons, help Jack and Ruby to overcome their fears and to remember ancient knowledge of wild plants along the way.  Ultimately their mission is to help to maintain balance between humans, Elemental's and the Earth. For more details on this chapter and images, see my illustration pages.

Elohim Acrylic

Elohim for Debbie - Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 50cm

A gift for my sister, I painted an Elohim, Devic Angel and Elemental. They are  energies that I particular feel resonate with her.  Included are Debbie's sun and moon sign star constellations to personalise the painting and it sits above her head on the wall for when she relaxes on the sofa, with rainbow prisms hitting it from all angles from the lounge light.  I painted the script, Elohim in Hebrew, God or the plural for Angels of Creation. The image of Elohim encompasses all and is the highest vibration, which then connects below to the Angelic or Devic level of creation (which looks after all aspects of nature) and continues down as the vibration continues to lower in order to create physical form.  It links then to the Elemental Faerie which helps to ground the physical form deep into the Earth. I chose the flower, Jacob's ladder, to connect back up to Source, reaching for the heavens above, representing ascension and spiritual passage through the levels of initiation, ambition, growth and acquisition of knowledge.  Debbie's favoured flowers are always small blue ones too. 

There are two visual representations of the heart chakra, both unfolding from the seed, into flower and into our own potential to co-create from the heart.

211212 Unicorns, The Cosmic Turning Point

211212 Unicorns, The Cosmic Turning Point - Acrylic on Canvas, 2017 30cm x 30cm

This was my first attempt at painting one of my meditation visualisations. I remember taking myself down to the gypsy caravan to meditate at 'The Cosmic Moment', when the Earth energies began the rapid ascension process. During my meditation, I saw thousands of pure unicorn energies, with riders holding hands, holding the light and returning this to Earth to help us remember our Divinity, our connectives and our ability to co-create. I was attempting to relay the soft, etheric energies and light. Glitter can be seen as you move past the canvas.

 Turning at the Oak

Turning at the Oak, Acrylic on Canvas - March 2015, about 40cm x 30cm

A gift to Tom, who gave it to his wood turning friend. Tom taught me how to dowse during our Reiki journey together and he also gifted me a beautiful wood turned bowl in exchange. I was originally asked to do a portrait, but being nervous representing him accurately, plus I more interested in capturing the character, I placed him in the woods! He has a light aura around him as he works with respect with the wood energies. The Rhunic alphabet detail spells his name.  He is watched by the deer, a squirrel and also psychically by the Dryads (wood spirits) and a wood nymph hiding behind a tree!

Cheshire Cat

Acrylic on white board, June 2012, cut out and hung in foliage for an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party on Cobleland Campsite. I was the white rabbit.

Alice in Wonderland

Clayton Jungle

Acrylic on Canvas - 1999 about 70cm x 50cm, Clayton's Jungle

This was a gift for my friend's toddler, Clayton who enjoyed this picture from a bedtime reading book.  I added him in to the elephant's tusk to personalise it. 

A level Exam

Acrylic on Wood - 1993, Still Life A level Exam piece, about 60cm x 50cm, lost in storage :(

This was painted under exam conditions and we were asked to explore texture so I tried to contrast the softness of the fabric against the smooth, shiny bike and hard splintered wood. Again I used complimentary colours and my art teacher said that overall my use of colour helped to gain me an A grade.

Daily Washing

Acrylic on Wood, mixed media - 1992/3, about 50cm x 70cm, lost in storage :(

Taken from a collection of studies drawn from my bedroom window. I was starting to experiment using complimentary colours (opposite on the colour wheel, making them more vibrant when put together). I also added fabric, wood, pva and sponge for effect.

A modern kiss

Acrylic on Wood - 1991, A Modern Kiss (about 30cm x 70cm)

A Project where we had to take an old painting and create an updated version. (I'll try and find the renaissance one I based it on). This one represents how the modern female was often becoming both the Mum and the provider, and men were starting to enjoy more tradional female/mother responsibilities like the cooking and bringing up the children (modeled by my younger brother, Phil).

Fareham Collage Abstract

Acrylic on wood - 1991, about 50cm x 50cm, lost in storage :(

This was an A level piece, I used overlays of the Fareham College interior, projected them on a wall to create the drawing, then transferred to wood. I prefer painting nature or rounder shapes, so this was good practise for me to try something different. Interestingly it was quite a 'jaggy' time in my life.