The Search for the Elves' Cure - Chapter Five

The Ramson Maiden

This illustration took me the longest to complete, twelve hours, I think because of all the ramsons!

"The sun shone through the canopy of leaves onto a carpet of what looked like six-pointed stars."

 "I am the spirit of the Ramsons.  You have nothing to fear from me.  In fact by taking my leaves you are protected from all evil... well, at least for the time being."

Ramson Maiden

In the first draft the maiden was described as being seven feet tall.  I had great fun designing her dress with the ramsons.  I added quite large nostrils to signify the strong smell of garlic and used the ramson flowers to decorate her. You can see the sun rising behind her which also represents her powerful golden aura and energy.

The gentle silver birch showing the Ogham symbol surrounds her adding to the feminine softness of the scene.  Silver Birch folklore describes how it can be used for love spells and for new beginnings, the bark is commonly used in bushcraft and also for making shoes (signifying moving safely forwards in the story.  In May (when the book is set) the sweet sap can be drunk containing minerals and antioxidants.

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