Paintings in Watercolour

After completing my University Degree in Art, I experimented with watercolours having only previously concentrated on using either acrylics, oils, pencils and pastels/conte in Uni.  These are lovely to use after a bit of practise as you don't need much space, they are portable and you can stay relatively clean!

If anyone is interesting in a commissioned piece, or any of the book illustration prints or cards please contact me.  I also have plenty of lucky four leaf clovers pressed to add to any artwork.  

Here is my journey in watercolours;

Sarah & Charlie's First Meeting

Sarah & Charlie's First Meeting - 2021 Watercolour (tiny!)

This was a challenge working so small as it was a gift to Charlie from Sarah and it had to fit in a tiny frame for his boat. This represents the start of a lovely romantic story where they first met 'goofing' around on a paddle board in a pond. This sums their characters up nicely as they are both such fun with a great sense of adventure. It was Sarah that encouraged me to finally try roller skating (at work in the hostel as the floors are nice and smooth....sshhh!)

Hawthorn Handfasting Mandala - Pen & Watercolour, 30 x 30cm

Visit my Mandala page for more information.


Elves Cure Dragon

The Dragon on the Path - 2021 Watercolour

From Chapter Seven from my illustrations for Sarah Hillyer the Herbalist's book, The Search for the Elves' Cure.  Visit my pages for all illustrations and details about the book.

Pink Panthers

Pink Panthers Ladies Cricket T-Shirt Logo - 2016, Watercolour

Whilst living back in the Portsmouth area, I played Ladies 10 cricket and designed the team's t-shirt logo for one year. Portchester has a great castle to visit if you are passing!

 Emily & Curtis

Emily & Curtis - 2017, Watercolour

My friend, Charlotte's daughter, asked me to paint from a favourite photograph whilst she had been on holiday.  I couldn't help but put in the splash of a sneaky mermaid's tail! 

Dudley & Poppies Walkies

Dudley & Poppies Walkies - 2017, Watercolour

A commissioned piece for my friend Charlotte, a gift to her husband and sits above the dog beds in their kitchen.

 Wasdale Bridge

Wasdale Bridge - Pen & Watercolour 

A gift to some customers whilst I worked at Fabric Land in Portsmouth.  This is my favourite bridge in the UK!

Robert Kirk card for Lesley 

The Faerie Minister - 2009, Card for Lesley

This was a pen sketch with watercolour for my best faerie friend. I've always loved traditional sepia colours in photos and the folklore and story in which this is based suited it well. When I lived in Aberfoyle, the faerie capital of Scotland and near Doon Hill, I learned about the Faerie Minister, The Reverand Robert Kirk. I eventually shared the story on my ranger walks that I led from the local campsite, Cobleland. This image is taken directly out of the book written and drawn by the Minisiter himself, where he describes meeting the Sidhe from the Seelie Court after having gone down the faerie portal via the great Scot's Pine that still resides on the top of the hill.

Winnie the Pooh for Art Centre2

Whilst working for The Art Centre in Portsmouth, I painted these for a colleague and had them framed there. I love piglet!

Winnie Pooh for Art Centre


Winnie the Pooh for Clayton

Let's Make a Chain - 1999, Pen and Watercolour (and four leaf clover) for my friend;s first son, Clayton.

This was fun, especially as the four leaf clover was naturally shaped like a balloon.  I played with the text around the painting, taken from the Winnie the Pooh story. I will always remember the hug I got when gifting it.


Winnie the Pooh for Liam

Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin - 1998 Pen & Watercolour (and four leaf clover) on Paper for my first nephew, Liam

A gift to my sister's first son Liam. I was working in an art shop at the time so it was here that I discovered the quality of professional colours over student's quality. I also had a phase of finding four leaf clovers so I added one of these as it seemed a lovely addition to the gift.