The Search for the Elves' Cure

The Search for the Elves' Cure

'Paths that change direction as you walk, mysterious green mists, friendly and not so friendly nature spirits, magical inscriptions, brambles that smother your path, eyes that follow you everywhere you go. Protected only by special herbs, Jack and his sister Ruby face all of these and other dangers in their quest to find the Elves’ Cure. But are they prepared for the greatest evil of them all, the shape-shifter?'

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This book is suitable for ages 8 - 108 and can be enjoyed repeatedly, together with the detailed illustrations which have hidden symbols to decode.  Let the adventure begin...

A donation of every book sold will be gifted to the Sustainability Centre.  The Centre sits in the heart of Hampshire’s South Downs National Park.  This charity is a learning and residential centre for schools and adults and show cases practical solutions to inspire and enable people to become the planet protectors and change makers that our world needs.

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