The Search for the Elves' Cure - Chapter Eight

Tobin the Troll

I sketched Tobin whilst on a family visit to Bournmouth and took six hours.  A little different to my original sketch as the description had since been edited too.  

"The creature lit a flaming torch.  "That's Better." But to be honest, Jack and his sister weren't sure. They could make out a very round creature with strange pointed teeth.  He wasn't a pretty sight but he seemed friendly enough."

Tobin the Troll

Whilst visiting at Tuckton I saw that the river Stour is edged with beautiful willow trees.  As Tobin is actually a big softy I brought in the wisdom and softness of the Willow tree and folklore.  Tobin has the willow tree Ogham symbol on a hand carved wooden bead holding his beard  amongst his matted hairy mess.  In the story the trolls are river dwellers, similar to Aqua the sprite, where it is their job to cleanse the rivers.  I added third eye chakra detail to represent their ability to have a clear vision of the truth and their life mission whilst tuning in to their intuition.

Can you find a mushroom?

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