The Search for the Elves' Cure - Chapter Nine

Banquet Table

The Troll's Story is an opportunity to find out more about how these river dwellers live and how the elemental realm is trying to work with humans to maintain balance on the Earth.  I had great fun with this one and took seven hours to complete the finished illustration.

"In front of them were wild strawberries and rasberries, plums, warm honey, lavender cakes and golden buttered scones."

"Now before you start, we need to thank the River and Mother Earth for this food.  Then, while you eat, I am going to tell you all about us."

Banquet Table

In one scene, Jack and Ruby watch the trolls singing to the river to help it to maintain its magical purity.  In the background you can see a female troll chanting softly with the vibrations of love emanating out into the river and woodland whilst she holds her heart chakra.  Willow lines the river and pignut adorns the meadow towards the bank.  Pignut is a forgotten wild food, it tastes delicious and can be eaten raw or added to casseroles. Can you find a cheeky elf head first in the mud digging for one?  Also another after some honey?

There is a deer antler showing that the troll's honour the woodland and it's creatures taking care to use their gifts with respect.  Deer drop their antlers naturally growing a new set every year.  The butterfly on the edge of the table is a brown elfin butterfly - I liked it and it's name :).

This is a scene of abundance.  The edge of the table has Theban Script spelling 'Gratitide' which symbolises that if we show it, we attract more wonderful things to our growing experience. There is also the full Ogham alphabet on the tables legs showing that the troll's understand and have full respect for the wisdom of the trees. 

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