The Search for the Elves' Cure - Chapter Seven

Dragon on the Path

Dragus! He was a lovely character to explore and after the initial research and sketches took me nine hours to complete.

"They couldn't believe their eyes.  Landing on the path in front of them was a dragon with beautiful purple and green scales along its body and wings." 

Dragon on the path

We learn how powerful, protective yet gentle these beings are and the perfect beings to call upon for help with the transmutation of lower energies and vibrations.

I found out whilst designing Dragus, that there lived a bearded dragon just two rooms away in the room that I am renting.  He had been there for weeks!  Studying him helped me design his body and legs, except for his feet as Sarah had described these as being talons.

I wanted to portray the dragon's gentleness, so the spirit of deer (a path finder trusting it's instincts) and Hazel folklore entered my consciousness to help with this.  His horns have the Ogham for Hazel and his top scales are hazel leaves which although pointy on first glance are in fact very soft.  His under scales are based on the hazel nut shapes and colours (these had to be re-sized as the original sketch made him look like a corn on the cob :)!  I also added lichen hair to his face and back indicating that he lives in a healthy woodland - lichen is an indicator of fresh air.  The tree theme extends to show tree roots in his wings, a deep rooted system and network of wisdom that also represent trees being the lungs of the Earth.

There are three faces hidden in the woodland behind Dragus.

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