The Search for the Elves' Cure - Chapter Six

Mother Elder

This illustration took eight hours and holds a lot of symbolism. 

The children are looking for a sacred well and an old Elder tree.  they have to work out how to read the ancient inscription and receive a message from Mother Elder. 

"I am the guardian of this sacred well and I offer you some of my flowers to take with you as protection from dark forces..."

Banquet Table

I used the Theban Script alphabet and translates word for word for what is written in the book when the children are able to read the message with the hekp of Mother Elder. 

The Elder tree in folklore represents the dark Goddess energies, helping us to see and mirror our dark sides, not to be feared, but brave to face, to learn from and to heal if necessary.  On first glance you can see the tree spirit, or Dryad speaking through her bark, on second glance you can see the sacred feminine.

"Together, the children bowed low in front of the magic tree and quietly stepped backwards."

Ivy seemed a fitting addition as folklore tells of how ivy grows.  It wraps around, breaking off in many a direction at any moment, taking a different route, representing our many choices during our journey back towards the light.  Even if we mentally absorb ourselves and overthink a decision, growing slowly or in another direction for a while, we will eventually come back to our true selves, following our intuition and ascending when we are ready.

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