The Search for the Elves' Cure - Chapter Ten

Facing their Fears & Competition Quest

This painting was a challenge in facing my own fears!  I had lots of ideas for it but I couldn't quite allow the ideas to flow onto a page to depict how we work through our challenges. It was a real blank canvas moment for me.  My choices from the story were high cliffs, monsters or snakes, but when I read about the challenges that dyslexics face, it was the ants on the page description which inspired me the most.  This progressed to building on the book shelf idea with all the hidden messages that we have as support within and around ourselves always, our life story and wisdom.  This picture I really enjoyed, one of my favourites and took eleven hours to complete.


Each title of each book and their colours connects to the symbolism, story and to the character and also to you the reader when facing your fears.  The meanings behind the animals also represent help, like a spirit animal or totem.  The kingfisher, an intuitive messenger, brings the two dimensions into one image flying from the magic silver stream lined with willow, which Jack has placed his feet into in order to visualise and face his own fears. He remembers that he doesn't have to face his fears alone.

At the end of this chapter we share some great tips to help in facing your own fears and calming your mind. 

Competition Quest

I challenge you to decipher as much of the symbolism as you can and I will award prizes to those who do well on this quest.  Please use my contact form to enter your answers, ideas and thoughts.  Have fun and enjoy the mindful process. 

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