The Search for the Elves' Cure - Chapter Twelve

The Golden Casket

The golden prize to look forward to after courageously facing your inner fears and becoming your authentic self and honouring service to yourself and others.  This illustration took eleven hours to complete.  My fear to overcome here was to paint the rainbow allowing the colours to run loosely after having spent time on the finer details on the casket.

'The gloomy greyness seemed to be clearing.  "Look!" cried Ruby.  "I can see a bright ray of light, the colour of a rainbow, coming from behind that creature.  It's as if it is guarding what's there." 

The Golden Casket

It was hard to find a golden casket to draw, or at least the basic shape as I find organic objects easier to draw.  Once there I added the name of the magick herb in elven text that Jack and Ruby have ultimately been searching for to find the cure for the elves.  Brimstone butterflies adorn the box and the herb as along with bees are great pollinators for it.  

Surrounding the box are ferns unfurling from their fiddle-head shapes, native bluebells, Herb Robert (Stinking Bob - it stinks but has some amazing herbal uses), Wood Sorrel (a good indicator of a healthy woodland and mighty tasty) and finally four leaf clovers, a good luck gift from the fair folk.

The rainbow also represents as a collective what we are ultimately ascending towards.

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