The Search for the Elves Cure - Druids Amulet

The book cover details the amulet worn by the Druid Master.  I designed this around the triskel symbol, an ancient celtic symbol representing the three worlds; celestial, physical and spiritual, also the triple Goddess wisdom of Maiden, Mother and Crone.

I added detail from the book so you can see oak, wood betony, an elder crown and a dragon.

This symbol appears at the beginning of each chapter.  In Chapter's Ten and Eleven, this symbol is reversed, so appears anti-clockwise.  This is because it represents Jack and Ruby exploring themselves at a deep emotional level, facing their inner fears, in order to release them so that they can be better empowered to continue on their journey and embodying the best version of themselves in order to help our planet, Mother Earth.  This is similar to labyrinth work.


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