The Search for the Elves Cure - Ivy Leaf Detail

Ivy top left

The first thing I illustrated was the ivy leaf detail for the page breaks and chapter start and ends. 

Ivy pause

This proved a good warm up in using the medium and renewing my love for researching plants, both in books and in nature and the folklore and herbal uses of each tree and plant.


Ivy represents intellectual achievement, wreaths of ivy were gifted in poetry contests. It also represents fidelity and used in newlywed's bouquets.  Wearing ivy is supposed to help prevent you from getting drunk! 

As a climber, ivy symbolises the search from within for our higher selves as we dance through life's many challenges. Contrary to beliefs, ivy does not harm the tree as it grows around it. Ivy absorbs it's own nutrients while it climbs to reach for the light.

Ivy bottom right

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