The Search for the Elves' Cure - Wood Betony Elf

I decided to add this wee, fertile little elf at the end of the story showing that it 'is just the beginning'.  We all have to work together to help return balance to Gaia and all who have been invited to live with her.  However, never underestimate the power of one.  By choosing the ascension process (triangles shown in her hair) we are choosing to remember our true diamond-crystal sovereign selves (shown on her third eye and heart chakra areas). The inner work that you take the time for positively ripples out to those around us as our vibration raises, encouraging others to do the same.  We cannot do it for them, yet holding compassion and being true to ourselves, finding our our own gifts and talents is a powerful beautiful thing for the highest good of all.  Happy planting your seeds and blossoming!

Wood Betony Elf

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