Cobleland Activities

This week we squished all we could into Saturday in case the awful weather forecast hit us at Cobleland.  As quite often happens you only really hear about it on the telly if England are involved and I think we escaped quite lightly.  Lots of rain mind but not too bad for wind and I think we should be lucky with the river not coming up and over the site! Actually the sun is out now :-)

Had 8 cheeky monkeys for face painting, then the Elliot family were back again after their previous summer visit in July to make some magic wands. Cristina made a rowan wand ready for Halloween as that is the best wand for protection. Cameron and Gordon went for Holly - the best in battle and direction, of course!  It would be great if you could get a picture to us of your lovely wands if possible, the lads ran off before I  had a chance :-)

Thanks for sending in the picture Graham :-) From bottom; Gordon's Holly, Cristina's Rowan and Cameron's Holly - Happy spell making*

Wacky Forth Races

We had a lovely turn out for the Wacky Forth Races this week too, here's the line up and winners. Most went for team rafts this week..

From left: Finlay, Olly and Rhys named their raft ROF and came in 7th place. Lauren & Sophie's Pirate Narj came in 6th place.

Olivia's & Zara's Party Craft was this weeks winner! Adam & Marcus's Speedy Boat came 3rd.

 Finlay's Morven (named after his little sister :-) came 4th. Cameron's Splatter came 2nd.

 Gordon's The Flying Dutchman came 8th and Cristina's Golden Flag came 5th.

And they're off! Getting my trainers and trousers wet to ensure a fair starting line was worth the cold :-)

Bats, Owls & Spooky Tales

The bat walk was fun too, lots of good questions from the kids, including one from Jenny; "how long does it take for a wing to heal if it was ripped"?  We like such questions to keep us on our toes!  Depending on the extent of damage the wing membrane can heal itself.  Here's more information from Wikipedia.....
"The finger bones of bats are much more flexible than those of other mammals, owing to their flattened cross-section and to low levels of minerals such as calcium near their tips. The skin on their wing membranes has more elasticity, so can stretch much more than other mammals.

The wings of bats are much thinner than those of birds, allowing bats to manoeuvre more quickly and more accurately than birds. It is also delicate, ripping easily; however, the tissue of the bat's membrane is able to regrow, such that small tears can heal quickly. The surface of their wings is equipped with touch-sensitive receptors on small bumps called Merkel cells, also found on human fingertips. These sensitive areas are different in bats, as each bump has a tiny hair in the centre, making it even more sensitive and allowing the bat to detect and collect information about the air flowing over its wings, and to fly more efficiently by changing the shape of its wings in response. An additional kind of receptor cell is found in the wing membrane of species that use their wings to catch prey. This receptor cell is sensitive to the stretching of the membrane. The cells are concentrated in areas of the membrane where insects hit the wings when the bats capture them".

Tawny Owls

Jenny, following on from our owl conversation - a brown owl is another name for a tawny owl, strange then that in the Brownies you get a brown owl and a tawny owl?

Wacky Forth Races

Four brilliant rafts this week...

First place was Jamie's Rocky!

Last but not least Rebecca's RFC

Third time racing this year were sisters Zoe and Mia - coming in at 3rd place was Zoe's Stick It and 2nd place went to Mia's 'A Raft'!

Arts & Rafts at Forest Hills

It's quiet here too at Forest Hills now that most kiddies have returned back to school.  Alexander though, from Germany still has two weeks left so he got stuck in with some whittling and came up with this lovely little boat.

Craft at a Now Quiet Cobleland Campsite

Only two little ones on the campsite - it's sooooooo quiet!! Young Imogen kept us company today though and made this magnificent, sparkly Rowan wand. Her first spells she tells me will be based around her having a dog one day and becoming a doctor :-).  Will made her a boat too as she slept in after the bat walk and missed the Wacky Races on Sunday - I nearly did too!

Imogen's Sail Boat - inscribed with Viking letters (you just can't see it)!
Imogen's Rowan wand which will keep her protected, especially at Hallowe'en from naughty spooky things.

Wacky Forth Races

This weeks rafts and race at Cobleland...

Ronnie's Rocket Jet 7 (complete with fire jet propulsion) came in 3rd

Sam's Zoomer and Gaby's Luna (names after their guinea pigs) came in 5th and 2nd. Sorry about the fallen tree Sam, it was a winning contender for a while before it got stuck, got free, turned over and got stuck on another tree.  The drama!

Mia's Flaming Pheonix was this weeks winner!

Sophia's Spectacular Sophia came 4th - love the fiddlesticks design!

It was close half way down the river but you can never predict the winner :-)

Arts & Rafts at Forest Hills

The sun had his hat on for the Bank Holiday (probably as it wasn't one in Scotland!) but lucky for those on holiday none the less :-) It must have meant that everyone was off out enjoying the rays somewhere else as we only had one little lad today and for the first time ever at Forest Hills, no-one for the bat walk? 

Will made Harry a bonus extra boat - he just loves whittling! Harry named it Super Hero.

Harry went for a Hazel wand - the most popular choice this week. Interestingly it is the Celtic Ogham month for Hazel, see these kids are using their intuition well :-)

Harry's 'Super Hero' mark one!

Rafts & Crafts at Tigh Mor

Lots of great creativity this weekend at Tigh Mor....

From left: Henry's HMS Titanic and Eleanor's 'Eleanor'

Nick's 'Wooden Craft' and James' HMS Victory

Magick Wands from left: Ben & Luke's Hazel wands and Rose & Sam went for Hazel too - must have been the invisibility and creativity powers within them :-)  Interestingly it is the Celtic Ogham month for Hazel, see these kids are using their intuition well :-)

Aaah, Loch Achray :-)

Wacky Forth Races

While I was away face painting at The Lodge, Will was left all on his own to run the mini rafts and race this week - I hear it was wild and wacky :-) Apologies that the names are in the wrong order to the pictures but I hear Will did manage to get the winning order right and ensured no rafts floated off to Edinburgh :-)
From Bottom to Top: I think? - Apple Juice, the Gold one is Super Swimmy 300, the green fruit shoot one is Rocket Booster, Purple Fanta must be the Fanta bottle, the other four inbetween then are either White Chocolate, Fire Plane, GOAT Blower and Gumball Ship 

Winning Order:
1st - Super Swimmy 300 by Jamie & George
2nd - Gumball Ship by James
3rd - Apple Juice by Gregor
4th - Purple Fanta by Rosie
5th - GOAT Blower by Jack
6th - Fire Plane by Robbie
7th - White Chocolate by Rachael, Abbie & Calum
8th - Rocket Booster by George (GOA ;)

Arts & Crafts at Forest Hills

A very crafty afternoon at Forest Hills this week, loads going on!

James & Nate's raft Skully

Theo's The Shin Digger (sponsored by Pepsi Max)

Jasmine's The Red & White Raft

Sarah's Monkey Banana 

Russ's Tinted Turbo 

Louisa's Fiddlestix 
Lydia's BOAT

Sarah and Lydia's pendants, Beatrice made a lovely pendant too but I missed photographing that one! 

Last but not least, a wand making session, phew! 

Louisa's Ash wand and her brother Russ's Oak wand is pictured above. Their Mum Nikki made one too with her ogham birth tree Alder which is a wand in progress (same name and tree as me:). Quite funny when the tree bobbed Will on the tree after snipping a branch, I asked permission from the Dryad, clearly Will didn't!!
Sarah made a Hazel wand too and Lydia a Willow. Happy magick making, remember the full blue moon tonight for magick and cleansing :-)

Rafts & Crafts at Tigh Mor

I think the Dad's may have enjoyed this mini raft session (just a tad) more than the little ones, until at least it was time for bobbing them about on Loch Achray :-)

From left: Daisy's Rafty & Jack's GUPJ

Thomas's very sturdy, HMS Warrior complete with pine cone sailors

Emmy & Nia's Berkinshaw Boat, or B&B - one side for beds the other for Breakfast :-) 

The raft line up before the plunge in the loch 

They're in and floating!
Just enough time afterwards to face paint a sneaky necklace for Daisy and cheeky horses for riders Emmy & Nia, did it come off on the pillow? :-)