Wacky Forth Races

A tad more rain has meant that the Forth is starting to get a little bit wackier so the race went ahead without any going backwards for too long! 

Congratulations to Ellie with her raft 'Katie Mary', I think the stone weight worked well for her :-)  2nd place went to Sophie's 'Rosie', followed by Lara's 'Sail', Andrew's 'Jack Ferry', Jenny's 'Fairy' and Kirsty's 'Katie Sailboat'.

From left to right rafts made by - Ellie, Kirsty, Sophie, Andrew, Jenny and Lara


Wacky Forth Races

Despite the drizzly rain (again) the forth river had completely lost it's 'wackiness' and so this weeks race has probably gone down in history as the slowest race ever.  Even 'Milky' one of the rafts was going the wrong way up the river!  Will' did try to pop some stones on the top which worked for a while but got stuck again in the river shoreline. Still good fun of course and thanks to the guys that joined us on this and last night's bat walk - the midges weren't great last night but it meant the bats fab' :-)

This weeks winner - 'Chelsea' Ben's raft, Death Boat with a deathly constant speed down the river, cheese and pineapple anyone?

Second Place is 'Messy' Jessy's 'Sticktastick'. Lovely design and sorry it got wet in the rain x

Third place (although not sure it actually crossed the line after going backwards so many times ;-) is 'Celtic' Ben and Adam's 'Milky'!

Humpty Dumpty tries to help 'Milky' down the river.

Wacky Forth Races

Despite the rain, the river was on the more gentler side of wacky so we were able to race the 9 rafts yehah!  However it did result in my wellies being filled up trying to launch and rescue the rafts after the race - I will have to get some humpty dumpty waders to match Will :-)

Defending champion Lewis was back and builds a new raft with Mark and creates another winner, this time with 'The Black Diver'. Unfortunately the diver fell off - he obviously couldn't wait to get in for a dive! 

Another Lewis, the smallest of three that morning comes an extremely close second with 'The Robin Speedboat' after adapting a previously raced raft.

 Third place is Alex's 'Captain Boat' (above left) sporting a hessian sail. 4th place was Lewis and Adams' The Bat Boat' (below) adapting a previous foam raft and red haired Hannah and Sophia's 'The Floater' pictured above right came through 7th despite being as excellent sturdy floater :-)

 Young Leia's Grape and Apple (excellent name ;-) and Abby's Oasis came through next...
 Last but not least was blonde haired Hannah's 'Butterfly', lovely design but the stone bag for stability fell off and swiftly became an anchor not far from the finish line!

A mention also to Alex's raft 'Dave' (above left) who joined in just for fun as he was a wee one, who came in about midway through the other rafts, I lost count a bit :-)

Humpty Dumpty at the finish line ;-)

Wacky Forth Races

Overall Winner - Emma's Princess Boat
Unfortunately the river was far too wacky to risk losing the rafts to Edinburgh so we did a floating test and had design competitions, here they are...

Most Creative Raft - Lauren's RAFT (not so creative name though:-)
Best Floater (well it was) - Mia's Fluffy
Best Speed - Mia's The Kipper, this one did want to go to Edinburgh!
Strongest Design - James's 4ltr Devestator who also had the eggxcellent idea of having eggs as sailors to see who survives!
Best Design & Engineering - Ewan's Green Cap
 Safest Passenger - Evan's Epic Evan, although this quickly changed to 'Passenger that had the Best Adrenaline Rush Sailing - he fell off!

Tigh Mor Arts & Rafts

Tigh Mor was blessed with glorious weather which was perfect for our first Arts & Rafts session there during the English School holidays.

Thank you to all that joined us, we loved helping you manifest your imagination into reality.

Will and the creative team
Emile's raft Karabujan (from Tintin's Secrets of the Unicorn) and Mia's Floater
Reece's Samuel and accompanying horse and rider below :-)

Even time for some wand making - remember only good spells chaps or they will backfire three times worse! Wand makers learnt about the wisdom of the trees, how to cut and measure a wand a how to decorate them including the use of an ancient ogham alphabet used by the Celtic Druids.

Emile, Ron Weasley's wand is 12"made from Ash and a unicorn hair :-)

Faye and Hayleigh's raft, Bobabout on an idyllic Loch Achray - Swallows and Amazons comes to mind?
A Clever little fishing sailor

Wacky Forth Races

This weeks excellent entries are below in the order they crossed the finish line.  Congratulations to the winner but also to all of you for your most creative and wacky designs!

Winner - Lewis's 'Sticky', simple and effective!

Joint 2nd - Matthew's Red Devil with carpet sails and Harry's The Milkbottles


4th Place - Euan's Mackintosh, nice dock leaf

Joint 5th Place -Jennifer's Pirates Submarine and Ellies Rainbow with carpeted deck
7th Place - Callum's Caca Cruiser and took the prize for Best Design
8th Place - Oliver's Water Jet
9th Place - Kate's Rocky Raft (rocks in the net for stability)
Last but no means least was Lia's Oasis

Wacky Forth Races

The rain didn't put young Katy and Adam off from designing and crafting these amazing rafts to battle out a winner on 'this weeks Wacky Forth Race.

Rafts (from left) 'Mr Giggles', 'The Bubbler' and 'The Undersail'
It was a photo finish with The Undersail 'just' touching the line first - an ingenious design :-)

Wacky Forth Races Too Deep to Race!

Thanks for those that joined us at Cobleland Campsite for today's raft building.  After the torrential rain last night the river was far too deep and fast to race them, but we still had a floating test and competition for best designs etc.

The Docking (decorated with dock leaves amongst other things) won the 'Most Creative' prize.

Abby and Kate's (Team Cava) the Docking
The Adventurer won the 'Best Floater' prize.

Maisie and Lottie's (Team Adventurers) The Adventurer
Captain Buck Salty Sailor won the 'Best use of Recycled Materials' prize, incorporating even a piece of decking!

Merissa and Zoe's (Team Flowy) Captain Buck Salty Sailor

'May' the rain stop?

Thank you to all those that braved the rain and joined us on the ranger activities this May bank holiday at Cobleland Campsite :-)  Unfortunately it was still a bit cold and wet to find lots of bats, just a couple in the distance. Thank you to Donald, our reluctant but successful bat volunteer who gobbled up 12 of the 13 moths. Congratulations Emily for taking such excellent evasive action!

Matthew and Ellie are now able to survive out in the woods after completing a bushcraft and woodland survival skills activity on Sunday.  Wood sorrel was a favourite as ever - we forgot to say that if you get athletes foot you can rub on the leaves as a natural remedy! Here's a link to my personal blog for a picture reminder.

Well done to all the excellent mini raft builders, most imaginative, but so sorry that Matthew and Emily's rafts, 'Griffin' and 'Jade' decided to go all the way to Edinburgh - clearly excellent builds and the rafts didn't want their sailing to end!
Ellie was our first winner of the season pictured here with her raft 'Daisy Jack'. Rafts 'Danyy' (inspired by a plane), 'Ryan's Raft' and 'Sophie' were all successful sailings and Tommy's 'The Boat' floated successfully - but Tommy didn't want to risk losing his boat to the wind :-)

Ellie's Winning Raft 'Daisy Jack'

Will at the finish line

Abigail's 'Sophie'

Daniel's 'Danyy' and 'Ryan's Boat'

Tommy's 'The Boat'