Wacky Forth Races

Miraculously we were still able to race the rafts after all the rain, here are this weeks entrants at Cobleland Campsite.

From left; Storm's SEMI came last but not least - someone has to but prizes for all :-) and his sister Faee's Rain Bottle came forth.

Meave's winning raft was The Water Runner, third place was her sister Eilish's, The Raft Laughed (going to be a poet for sure) and second place was their brother Eoghan's Skyless Flight.

Humpty at the finish line ensuring the rafts don't jump the line off to Edinburgh

Rafts & Crafts

Six crafty lads joined us for Rafts & Crafts at Tigh Mor this week, here's what they came up with...

From left: Max's Lolly of the Loch, along with water ski cone people and Jack's TIBBS

Theo's 'Calum' and Kit's 'Cyclops' - thanks for the tea in a china cup Theo's & Kit's Mum :-)

Edward's The Big Fibber (we were playing with lie leaves - alias, broad leaf plaintain) and Thomas's Death Cruiser which escaped for a longer ride on the loch!

Wacky Forth Races

Nine mini rafts at Cobleland this week, with a few wee ones helping out.  Here's the line up...

From left: Skye's Rainbow Boat came in 8th, Emma's Sunshine Teddy came 2nd, Gregor & Jack's Indiana Jones was this weeks winner, Reece's Lightening came joint 4th.

From left: Sophie & Adams 'Rainbow' came 7th, Ronan's The Turbo Boat came 6th - a bit of trouble with the turbo power at the back!

From left: Daniel's HMS Maniac was last but not least, Lauren & Masie's Janey was 3rd and Rosie's The Groovy Bus came in joint 4th.

Arts & Rafts at Forest Hills

Thanks to the lovely family who joined us for mini raft building and to all who joined us on the bat walk that night too :-)

Matthew's 'Matthew', or 'Pest'! Will made most of it following orders :-)

 On the left (above and below); Jonathan's 'Papa Voyager' with the green flags and David & Adam's 'HMS Granny'. Keen whittlers this lot!

Rafts & Crafts at Tigh Mor

More crafty raft making at Tigh Mor then some superhero face painting for Luco and Matteo (who asked for a bat face)

Matteo's raft 'Benton' sporting a lovely orange flag on Loch Achray

Luca's raft Powtenskyan

Emily's HMS Munchable with a yogurt pot crows nest

 Reagan's Faerie Boat in the foreground
Riley's HMS Salamander - (a fire faerie) and incorporating one of our camper van star mirrors which kept falling off the wall!

Wacky Forth Races

The sun had his hat on at last and the river was a tad lower so good to race on.  I had to get in over my wellies though, up to my thighs in fact but I do it for the kids :-)

Libby's The River Boat, she had to shoot off to watch the sheepdog show so couldn't race but nice raft :-)

From bottom to top; The winning raft by Ellis - The Bulldog Boat (previously named Alfie but a hefty strong winner). Logan, Hannah and Jack's The Cookie Monster came 3rd, Elias's Cabin Boat wasn't raced in case it jumped the finish line for a trip to Edinburgh!

From left: Sylvie's Flone-Higher-Sylvie didn't race, neither Sam's Best of Boat and Gaby's 'Gaby' came in last but not least in 5th place.
From left: Rosie & Charlie's 'Emma' (name of the twins favourite doll) didn't race, Jenna's 'Jenna' came 2nd and 4th place was Jack's The Jack Boat. Well done everyone :-)

Wacky Forth Races

Well it goes to one extreme to another, one minute the river has lost all of it's wack, the next it is seriously wacktastick! However, after all the rain the weekend, it was a bit too wacky so Jamie and Michael, our wet weather raft builders, had to test them on a long piece of string.

Michaels raft 'Cod' incorporating old storage jars and our old hooter for the race and Jamie's 'Pirate Fury' sports decking, skull and cross bones, a lolly stick walk the plank and the other end of the hooter for a mast. Both were amazingly fast on the river :-)

Wacky Forth Races

OK, so this lovely weather is just fabulous.  Only downside is that the river has lost it's wack, it was probably the slowest race ever, even Will had to help the rafts down the river but the kids kept it as exciting as ever!

From left; Congratulation to 'CDC' winners behind the design were Charlie, Cristina & Daniella, Freya's 'Nikki' (good name) came in at 3rd place.

Archie & Libby's 'Poppy' crossed the line in 5th place despite their cunning plan to 'pop' the other bottles with cocktail sticks - cunning :-) 'The Rainbow' came in 3rd place by Cerys with our first ever crows nest on the top of the mast!

Cameron was back again this week with 'Water' and despite taking on heaps of 'water' on the luxury fluffy carpet it crossed the line in 2nd place! Jack's impressively designed 'The Mousey Rocket' finished in 6th place.

Last but not least was 'Taps' lovingly designed by Sorcha, Iona and Sophie - it got stuck on a rock as the water was so low ;-( everyone got prizes this week though as they needed a helping hand along the river :-)

Tigh Mor Rafts & Crafts

Glorious weather and funky rafts this weekend made by Luke, Owen and Luke (otherwise known as Robin - batman mad :-)

Lovely spot to be creative - even Will was creating his new chairs!

Here is Luke's (Robin :-) 'Batboat'! There was a Viking sailor complete with fluffy jacket and a secret Viking runic message in a bottle.

Owen's 'The Boat'.

Owen's big brother Luke's 'Jet Ride'. Don't lose your crocs lads :-)

Wacky Forth Races

It was a hot one this weekend :-) Thanks to everyone that joined us at Cobleland this weekend.  We introduced a new face painting activity and there were 11 new magic makers going off with their new wands that they made. Lovely pendants on Monday too by Zoe, Miya and Charlie - forgot to take a snap - snort, sorry!
We managed a 'Wacky Forth Race' despite the water being low - there were 11 rafts and 17 raft makers this weekend.  Actually there were 11 painted faces this weekend too, there is an 11 theme developing!

From left; Jamie and Callum's 'Turbo Tastic, Gordon and Cameron's 'The Gondola', Josh, Thomas and Grace's 'The Devil'

From left again: Danni's 'Small Boat', Charlie's 'HMS Bottle', Zoe and Miya's 'My Perfect Boat'

From left: Isla and Cristina's ' IC Ferry', Chloe's 'The Pirates Buckaneer and Jessica's 'Emily'

 From Left; Ben's 'BBGG' and Amelie's 'Spring Cream'
The final line-up ready for the off!

A bit of a traumatic finish in that the two race leaders got stuck in the trees - sorry Charlie and Chloe :-( Therefore first to cross was Jessica's 'Emily', followed by Jamie and Callum's 'Turbo Tastic', then Amelie's 'Spring Cream'. 4th place was Gordon sna Cameron's 'The Gondola', 5th Ben's 'BBGG', 6th Zoe and Miya's 'My Perfect Boat', 7th Danni's 'Small Boat', 8th Isla and Cristina's 'IC Ferry' and 9th was 'The Devil' made by Josh, Thomas and Grace.