Ramson Maiden - Acrylic on Canvas

Ramson Maiden Canvas Purchase this original artwork

I have finally finished this piece! The Ramson Maiden was the first character that I was creative with before I started the original watercolour pieces for the book, The Search for the Elves' Cure.  This piece is acrylic on canvas and is 60cm x 30xm - a long canvas which works well with the height of the Ramson Maiden as she is described in the book. Before the final draft, the Ramson Maiden was described as being about seven feet tall as she emerges from the ramsons, or wild garlic.  Here she opens her hands welcoming the children on their quest.  In the book the illustration shows the maiden helping the children to take the path to the left.  Here she adorns slightly different jewellery, but hey, don't we all on different days :).

Ramson Maiden looking up Ramson Maiden art corner 

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