The Search for the Elves' Cure - Chapter Thirteen

The Way Home

Our good friend Dragus returns to help the children safely home.  This illustration took nine hours and features all of Dragus's hazel tree elements, this time flying in the wind above the trees with the meadows below returning to full flower and leaf.  Dragus carries my signature off into the wind too with his wing tip.

'With a swish of his purple-green tail, Dragus took off to the skies.  The children looked down and saw the trolls waving to them.'

The Way Home

I added some typical Scottish woodland where you see the edges of ancinet decidious trees surrounded by Silver Birch which run into managed evergreen.  Whilst I was painting my last chapter illustration I heard a lovely song which summed up to me my process, goal for the book, myself and for us all.

We're all going Home, by The Wanderer

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