The Search for the Elves' Cure - Chapter Two

Bluebell Elf

This finished painting took ten hours to complete.  Before which I remembered my native Scottish bluebell photographs, dug out my walking boots to represent Ruby's boots footwear and my burgundy converse plimsolls to represent Jack's more laid back approach to walking in the wilderness.

From early on, I had sketched a bluebell elf looking up at the children, attempting to explain their plight.

"It is mankind who seems determined to destroy Mother Nature and us as well!" 

Bluebell Elf

There are four elves to find in this illustration. If you look hard enough, you can see that I had a bit of trouble sketching the main elf's hand, this took about two hours and numerous attempts so that his left hand didn't look like a bunch of bananas!  I am very pleased with him though, especially as I had created him from my mind's eye, which is a new process for me and my art.

You can find out more about bluebell folklore on my flora & fauna page.

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