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Wacky Forth Races

It was a busy but slow race today as the wind was blowing those with sails the opposite way of the river flow!  It proved quite emotional for some though, especially for those whose rafts crashed into the trees.  We had a first and second though, so all the rest came third, not last :-). 

Okay then, from left;

Billy - Bilbo

Zoe - The Fairy Boat

Elliot - Valhalla

Toby - Scott

James - The Epic

Jonathan - Awesome

Darah & Jasmine - Birthday Wishes

Georgie - The Fast Boat

Grace - The Bottle Banger

Boyd - The Avenger

George - Creeper (2nd)

Molly - Casandra (1st)

Cara - Milky

Harry - Bob

Charlie - The Coke Boat (last week's champ)

This week's winner - Molly's Casandra, complete with hairy sailors who came floating down the river like a watery fashion parade :-).

Activities at Cobleland Campsite

De ja vous and here we are again, two days later :-).

Chocolate Quest

This time the quest theme was toads and four little toads joined us and did rather well answering questions (especially Nina) about them after finding chocolate tickets in Teapot Wood.  Did you know that toads shed their skin in the summer and actually eat it afterwards!  

Bushcraft & Survival

Lovely to see Harry, Angela and Mum and Dad again this year to see how much they remembered about wild foods.  We did come across this lovely mushroom just outside the campsite.  We think it's a tawny grisette, edible BUT part of the Amanita family which are mostly deadly poisonous so not worth risking! Remember, if in doubt, leave it out!!! You can tell Amanitas from the cup shape vulva at the bottom if the stem.


Magick Wands

From left; Rebecca was back to make a Silver Birch wand, Janet a Hazel, Billy - Willow, Zoe - Hazel, Elliot - Willow and Finley - Willow. Ooh and Will made yet another small wand.

Art & Craft

We had to cancel the Cobleland-Wealth Games unfortunately due to rain so instead some of the kids painted up some arrows for the mileage post at the ranger tent, which will point to where they live once we put them up!


Bat Walk

A great walk for bats as there were lots of midges out after this afternoons rain.  Georgie and her Mum Susan have probably broken a record for the most amount of bat walks in a short period of time coming on no less than four in a row.  Georgie managed to remember a lot of the bat facts so  she might be running them before long :-). Richard made a great bat for the bat and moth game, but the moths were extra fast which meant he went hungry tonight!



Nix in Nature Features in The Scotsman Magazine

Fame at last :-).  A lovely lady and her family joined us on some activities at Cobleland Campsite earlier in the season and wrote this kind article about us.  So glad they had a great time!



Activities at Cobleland Campsite

Chocolate Quest

Nice and busy here now that the Commonwealth Games have started nearby in Glasgow, but I think everyone was there as there were only three for the Chocolate Quest today.  This week's subject to answer nature questions was insects. Did you know that mosquitoes kill more people a year than any other animal species in the world put together! But we love insects as they all have a place in the world helping to create a healthy balance :-).


I think the grown-ups wanted a rest so we ran a kids version of this with Frankie, Sarah and Georgie.  Sarah made me laugh when she said that she thought Will sounded like a cockney farmer :-).  This makes sense actually as most people think that he is from the west country, but the Pompey or little London twang must make him sound from London too.  After learning about some edible plants and insects we all jpined hands and hugged one of the massive Douglas Firs to say thank you for all the tea that we make from it's needles.  We then made a couple of dens, Georgie and myself made a cupboard to keep some wood sorrel and and a little fence.

Magick Wands

Here are some of today's magickal wands.

From left: Amy's Willow, Janet's Oak (Rebecca's Mum) and Rebecca's Willow wands.Esmee, Georgie and Susie also made Willow wands and Oliver a hazel wand - hopefully he can now do a spell to speed up his recovery of a broken arm after slipping on a magazine at home!

Wacky Forth Races


From left:

Georgie - Fast Boat (6th)

Lewis - The Awesome Lego Movie (3rd)

Charlie - The Coke Boat (1st)

Harry - Bob (9th)

Molly - Casandra (8th)

Cara - Milky (4th)

Frankie - The Bat Machine (5th)

Sarah - The Fur Machine (7th)

Amy & Rebecca - Team Potato (2nd) pictured below - loving the peace sign :-)

Bat Walk

Lots for the bat walk which meant that we could have a good old game of bat and moth!  Cara, Molly, Charlie and Harry's Dad Nicky pulled the short straw and had the task of eating all the moths :-)


Wacky Forth Races

This Sunday's race was a wacky one again after all the rain.  Miraculously we managed to stop all the rafts from continuing on to Edinburgh at the finish line.  I lost the placings a bit as there were so many what with a few re-racing theirs from previous races and they all came at once but I got 1st and 2nd.

From Bottom:

Borbala & Marton - (Had three names) XYQ4, Wobbly Boat, finally tea bag!

Jasmine - The Magic Rainbow

Frankie - Ultimate Bone Crusher

Sarah - Float Machine

Jenny - HMS Princess

Graham - (Jenny's Dad, who used tea bags for weights) HMS Wren

Kieran - River Monster

Channelle - Speedy Boat (1st)

Peter - Peter's Great Ship

Callum - Jerry

Lewis - Lewis's Pitare Ship with a flag

Georgie - Lego Movie Ship

Darah - Death Mobile (2nd)

Lewis - The Big Dragon Boat

Abbie - A Little Boat


Activities at Cobleland Campsite

Darn it, the rain is back but that doesn't stop the fun here at Cobleland!

Chocolate Quest

Jenny and Ella-Grace, also regulars Darah & Jasmine joined us for the chocolate hunt - this weeks quest theme was the Moon.  This is Will's favourite subject and we thought it was fitting as the Supermoon, one of three this year was last week, also its the 45th anniversary of the moon landing.  I learnt something too, I had no idea the first animal in space was a tortoise! Poor thing was actually fired off to the moon to crach into it :-(. I always thought it was a dog then a monkey. 

Magick Wands 

This was a hectic one! But, my magickal helpers helped me out by switching the Harry Potter music to meditation music to help to chill everyone out a bit :-).

Gilbert and Florence's Silver Birch and Hazel wands. Florence's wand had an unusual split in the top which made for an impressive snake design.

Jenny's hazel wand, complete with butterfly, bear and dog energy for extra magick.

The others escaped the tent before I had a chance to photograph them but Ella-Grace went for protective Rowan, and Frankie, Sarah, Darah, Jasmine, Abbie, Lewis and Georgie all went for Hazel.

Bat Walk

It was too wet for the bat walk, but we still went out for half an hour with Jenny and her Dad, Graham as they came on our walk last year and had bought a bat detector to try out. We hunted out a few bats though despite getting wet feet and midgey bites.


Activities at Cobleland Campsite

Chocolate Hunt

Hurrah, the sun is back!  Andrew, Alexander and James joined us for the Chocolate Hunt.  This week's question theme was the moon as we had a lovely Supermoon on the 12th.  Young James was doing a project at school on this so he came in handy for team conferring!  I learnt a lot too actually :-).

Bushcraft & Survival

Georgie, Lewis and Mum Susan joined us for Bushcraft and we found this lovely slow worm.

Magick Wands

Here are this Thursday's lovely wands;

From left - everyone went for creative Hazel! Lesley's (Campsite manager who finally found time to escape from reception), Kendal's (and her magickal unicorn - Will made Lucky a mini wand too), and Georgie's, complete with a bow.  Lewis and James made a wand too but they were off doing spells before I had a chance to get the camera out!

Wacky Forth Races

Mid-week race.

From left:

Sam & Megan's HMS Red (Joint 4th)

Lewis - Lewis's Pirate Ship With a Flag (2nd)

Georgie - Pirate Ship (3rd)

James - Skipper (Joint 4th)

Andrew - Rocky Road (1st)

Alexander - Skidder (6th)

James - Ripper (7th)

Thanks Megan for getting a rare shot of the start and finish lines!

Dusk Walk

Georgie, Lewis and their Mum and Dad joined us on the Dusk Walk to complete the day, lots of bats this time to make up for last time!  Finally, the highlight of the day was watching three young tawny owls practicing their "keweet" calls and we actually saw them over our heads and in the trees for a bit too - amazing!  Too dark for a photo I'm afraid, you will have to get out in the forest yourselves :-)!

Wacky Forth Races

This week's race was over quickly due to all the rain at the weekend.

From left:

Nathaniel - Three Legged (Joint 1st)

Joanna - Fruit Shoot (Joint 1st)

Sophie - Pink (3rd)

Callum - Super Gruffalos (2nd)

Freya - Good Ship Elsa (5th)

Harry & Daisy - Bat Boat (4th)

Harry & Daisy's impressive Bat Boat, we like bats :-)


Activities at Cobleland Campsite

We started the day with a rather wet bushcraft walk but the Douglas Fir's offered a welcome shelter and a cup of tea - thanks for the tasty needles!


There was a busy magic wand tent - look at these beauties!

From left: Harry's Hazel, Daisy's Hazel, Gareth's Oak, Michelle's (Harry & Daisy's Mum) Hawthorn, Sophie's Hazel, Seth's Rowan, Aiden's Hazel, Megan's Hazel, Rory's Hazel and another two of Will's mini hazel wands.

The day finished with an even wetter Bat Walk!  It started OK, then the heavens opened which unfortunately meant there weren't many bats, instead loads of toads!  We always like to ensure satisfaction so we lent Georgie and her Mum Susan the bat detector the next night and they found loads of bats. Harry and Daisy joined us for the raft race for free the next day and are welcome to join us on a future bat walk free of charge.  

Wacky Forth Races

This week's mid-week race was quite a close one!

From left:

Ella - Love Heart

Oscar - Cross (Cruising in last)

Arran - Bubble Gum (1st - winning a bubble gun)!

Murray - The Death Machine

Jasmine & Darah - Express (2nd)

Mairi - Pirate Ship II

Eilidh - Celtic Spring (3rd)

Iona - Pirate Ship

Harris - The Swirling Death