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Activities at Cobleland Campsite

Darn it, the rain is back but that doesn't stop the fun here at Cobleland!

Chocolate Quest

Jenny and Ella-Grace, also regulars Darah & Jasmine joined us for the chocolate hunt - this weeks quest theme was the Moon.  This is Will's favourite subject and we thought it was fitting as the Supermoon, one of three this year was last week, also its the 45th anniversary of the moon landing.  I learnt something too, I had no idea the first animal in space was a tortoise! Poor thing was actually fired off to the moon to crach into it :-(. I always thought it was a dog then a monkey. 

Magick Wands 

This was a hectic one! But, my magickal helpers helped me out by switching the Harry Potter music to meditation music to help to chill everyone out a bit :-).

Gilbert and Florence's Silver Birch and Hazel wands. Florence's wand had an unusual split in the top which made for an impressive snake design.

Jenny's hazel wand, complete with butterfly, bear and dog energy for extra magick.

The others escaped the tent before I had a chance to photograph them but Ella-Grace went for protective Rowan, and Frankie, Sarah, Darah, Jasmine, Abbie, Lewis and Georgie all went for Hazel.

Bat Walk

It was too wet for the bat walk, but we still went out for half an hour with Jenny and her Dad, Graham as they came on our walk last year and had bought a bat detector to try out. We hunted out a few bats though despite getting wet feet and midgey bites.


Activities at Cobleland Campsite

Chocolate Hunt

Hurrah, the sun is back!  Andrew, Alexander and James joined us for the Chocolate Hunt.  This week's question theme was the moon as we had a lovely Supermoon on the 12th.  Young James was doing a project at school on this so he came in handy for team conferring!  I learnt a lot too actually :-).

Bushcraft & Survival

Georgie, Lewis and Mum Susan joined us for Bushcraft and we found this lovely slow worm.

Magick Wands

Here are this Thursday's lovely wands;

From left - everyone went for creative Hazel! Lesley's (Campsite manager who finally found time to escape from reception), Kendal's (and her magickal unicorn - Will made Lucky a mini wand too), and Georgie's, complete with a bow.  Lewis and James made a wand too but they were off doing spells before I had a chance to get the camera out!

Wacky Forth Races

Mid-week race.

From left:

Sam & Megan's HMS Red (Joint 4th)

Lewis - Lewis's Pirate Ship With a Flag (2nd)

Georgie - Pirate Ship (3rd)

James - Skipper (Joint 4th)

Andrew - Rocky Road (1st)

Alexander - Skidder (6th)

James - Ripper (7th)

Thanks Megan for getting a rare shot of the start and finish lines!

Dusk Walk

Georgie, Lewis and their Mum and Dad joined us on the Dusk Walk to complete the day, lots of bats this time to make up for last time!  Finally, the highlight of the day was watching three young tawny owls practicing their "keweet" calls and we actually saw them over our heads and in the trees for a bit too - amazing!  Too dark for a photo I'm afraid, you will have to get out in the forest yourselves :-)!

Activities at Forest Hills

Busy in the magick kids corner in the Vital Health & Wellbeing with the wands today.

From left: Adam's Hazel, Grace's Hazel, Lily's Silver Birch, Morgan's Hawthorn, Miah's Hazel, Melody's Hazel, Bruce's Hazel and Aefa's Hazel.


Bushcraft was another wet one, but there were eleven brave survivalists who joined us - and we survived!


Pam and family joined us on the bat walk all the way from America and Germany.  Pam could well be our most eager to fly bat yet!



Bat Walk at Tigh Mor

Malcolm makes an excellent bat don't you think?  After going over the bat's anatomy we all went out in the hope of seeing the lovely Supermoon too, cameras in hand but alas, it clouded over just as we left!  No matter, there were a few bats about and it was a lovely evening.

Cobleland Activities

Now that the weather is delightful, the campsite is nice and full with holiday makers, so we ran some mid-week activities starting off with another Chocolate Hunt.  Georgie, Lewis, Murray and the twins (Darah & Jasmine) succesfully completed the quest answering questions about Tree's and winning a lovely big bar of choc'.


From left: Will's tiny Hazel wand, Harris's Hazel, Iona's Hawthorn, Eilidh's Hazel and Mairi's Hazel wands.

Louise made an excellent Batfink on the bat walk!

Nearly full moon, soon the water bats will be out!

Forest Hills Activities

Lovely sunny and busy day at Forest Hills, starting with Magick Wands, then Face Painting, Bushcraft & Survival then the Bat Walk.


Lily, William and Amelia all wanted the same!

George's Oak Wand with red ribbon for extra protection and grounding.  George then went for a brown long eared bat for face painting.

Iona's lovely tartan style Oak wand. I forgot to take Jeremy's Hazel wand (who came all the way from Up State New York!), Arran and Aiden's Ash wands, Sheila's Oak wand and Mike's Hawthorn wand - they were all lovely!

Lily pond in flower below Forest Hills.



Cobleland Activities


Chocolate Quest

This week's Chocolate Quest theme was trees.  Young Ross was excited to find a Leprechaun house in Teapot Wood, although he said when he did find a leprechaun he would steal its gold and not share it with anyone!
The team were quite good on the questions, Adam got this one right:
What is the name of the nature spirit who resides in a tree?
A. Dryad
B. Druid...
C. Droid
I think the trees enjoyed it this week as the Willow by the playpark got 3 hugs as forfeits :-).


Artwork - Fatalis Sacristia

Face Painting

Ross's twin Todd designed an impressive geometric shape for his face, I couldn't resist the glitter to make it more magical and mystical.


Ross and Todd's family joined us for the Bushcraft session, Janey and Adam were excellent fire starters and we all loved the delicious bilberries, mmmmm.

Magick Wands



Wands from left: Jordan's Hazel, Moira's Hazel, Chantelle's Hawthorn and Will's Hazel.

Dusk Walk

We escaped the midges on the site to explore the magic of the forest at dusk.  Jordan taught us yet another use for rush-lite, using it like a needle and thread, amazing stuff! The bats made a welcome appearance at about 10:30pm, but it still wasn't quite dark enough for the water bats.



Forest Hills Activities

Lovely sunny start to the day, you can't complain about our commute to work driving along Loch Ard!!  Three lovely spell makers joined us for Magick Wands, they all chose the creative Hazel tree for them.  Sam added the magickal powers of the bat, we like bats :-).  Isla and Mia seemed to like the spell where you sprinkle cinnamon in your shoes before a party to take you to where the fun is at!  They appear to like their parties as they were up until 11:55pm last night (just before pumpkin time) dancing away at a local ceilidh :-).  

From left: Sam, Mia & Isla's wands

Face painting was fun, as always, Henry chose a desert island theme, younger brother Jamie a vampire!

All the kids joined us for the Bushcraft session in the afternoon, along with Mum's and a Nan, if a little apprehensive, but they all enjoyed it especially the wood sorrel.  Mixed reviews on the Douglas Fir tea though!  We saw the poisonous toadstool, panther cap and possibly a young Sickner, both ones to avoid eating!!  Henry and Isla's Mum successfully started the fires today.

Bat walk later tonight, sooo late starting at 10:30pm, but there are plently of midges for them to eat so we should hopefully see the bats doing what they do best.


Cobleland Activities

Loads happening this weekend as some of the kids broke up from School for their summer holidays.  Everyone learnt lots about deer on the Chocolate Quest and young Cameron was the only one to find all hidden chocolate tickets.  There were a few forfeits to be completed though for those that got the questions wrong, but Adam came up with this beauty of a poem as one of his forfeits;

"The Ranger's are nice
They give you advice
The chocolate is nice, inside"

I really enjoyed painting Eilis's face as she created her own design which had a faerytale toadstool for a nose, a lilac faery queen on one cheek and a green flower faery on the other, all topped off with a golden and ruby crown.

Eilis and her family joined us for the Bushcraft & Survival session, it was great to see them again having first met on the site last year.  Owen was already a fan of wood sorrel and finished the session with his pockets full of natural tinder! Maeve and Owen successfully started a fire with a fire steel, but little Eilis was still recovering from a broken arm so struggled a bit with that one as her arm was still in plaster.

We saw this lovely but poisonous toadstool on the way, panther cap, the same family as the faerytale toadstool fly agaric.

The Douglas Fir area and tickling river was magical in the sunlight today!

The juicy bilberries are nearly ripe - mmmm delicious! Loads of antioxidants so really good for you and there are loads of natural remedies you can use these berries for too including; sickness and diarrhoea, respiratory complaints and even haemorrhoids!

The evening finished off with a late Dusk Walk being that the days are still so long, the bats didn't start coming out until 10:30pm.  That's a lot of scoffing and gobbling up of midges to do if they have to eat a third of their body weight every night!

Cobleland Activities

Nine chocolate-hungry little ones to start the day hunting for tickets in teapot wood.  This weeks theme was deer, so once a ticket was found the kids had to answer a question about deer.  If they got it wrong they had to do a forfeit! I'm not sure how me and Mia's Mum ended up doing the press-ups though?

Face Painting

This week there were a couple of ice queens, some butterflies, a tiger, a fox, Spiderman and his spider and this water dragon and water kelpie modelled by Zoe.

Magick Wands

Everyone who were making their own wands this week went for Hazel. Julia decorated hers in a lovely bright pink and went off with lots of healing spells for arthritis.  Below is a picture of regular camper Daisy's wand, also her friend Jenna's wand.  Daniel bought a powerful Oak wand, Liam a protective Rowan and his sister a creative Hazel wand.

Dusk Walk

Not surprisingly it didn't get dark being the Summer Solstice, but we had a lovely walk through the woods with young Daniel and his Dad.  We shared lots of bushcraft tips along the way, tried to see faeries over Doon Hill (as it is said to be easier to see them with our physical eyes on this night), before saying hello again to the bats. It was too light for the water bats/Daubenton's but there were lots of Soprano pipistrelles scoffing all the midges :-).